Irdon and Erin : the duel by noux

Irdon and Erin : the duel

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Added: Jul 03, 2002
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My first try with Photoshop 7. Usually I prefer Painter instead for "natural" coloring but I find this new version really interesting.

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I think that this picture is very beautiful and i like the use of the reds and oranges it brings the artwork to life and makes it very expressive. It would not have the same feel to it if you had used blues and purples for instance it would have made the picture more sullen and peaceful. I was also wondering if you had any advice for me on artwork as i am just beginning an A level course in art and i want to establish myself more as an anime artist. Thankyou

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Wow.. this is beautiful.. I luv it.
Very nice and well done, the composition are just amazing... Congratulations!!
See Ya and visit me too

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I think the wings are gorgeous, I wish I could draw wings like that! You are really talented!

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I love the pic, very bold use of colors, I dare say but the yellow and the red is a bit too harsh because I miss the gradual blending of the colours...About the ´anime guys´ and the brilliant conclusion of "they´re just used to drawing them like girls or something", it is a DRAWING STYLE (sorry for the bold letters). Like US comic characters tend to have overblown muscles (generally, but not all); manga and anime has its own distinct style, some artist do tend to draw male characters more effiminate, but there are differences (bulky anime characters in anime: street fighter, fist of the north star etc. etc.) but the Bishonen ("beautiful boys") are by far the most popular, and no one is saying that it's THE trademark anime/manga style. And someone also mentioned that "many anime artists cannot get the males right" - I really hope for your sake that you don't mean pro mangaka's, and if you think that they don't look right, I guess you should try out other, more Western styles. Not to get on anyone's goat or anything, just trying to get a point across. And I apologize for being way off topic...hmm, maybe I should register first instead of being a 'guest'.

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Thanks for all your comments on this one. I really apreciate them as I do like this drawing ^^
Well concerning men in anime there are more than one style of drawing them. One is as you say , very girly (Clamp, etc...) but some are not (ex: Nobuteru Yuki style etc...)
As a big anime guys fan *blushes* I tend to like when they have long hair, expressive tender eyes etc... but yet very masculine features... My greater problem is for drawing females! I have a hard time here to make them look cute or sexy... but I try to fix that to be able to draw anything.

As for the wings, they're usually a pain to draw to make then realistic.

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oh and i forgot i wrote the last mesage and would like to say that i love the wings to they are swishey i don't know how to describe it but they have a certain quality that is hard to acheive good job ^_^

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i totaly agree with the last message. like you see a lot of males in japanimé who look like females. It's strange it's like they're just used to drawing them like girls or something. i have developed some male characters of my own and for a while I didn't see why they kept looking like girls but i think for me it was the pointyness of the chins that made them look girly and i had to make their necks thicker too you did a verry good job though verry artistick that guy's head up there. and he's realy hot by the way *blushes*

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wow, that is an amazing work of art. Many anime artists cannot get the males right. But yours truly displays every concept of it.

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In my oppinion this picture is amazing i think the use of colours and shading makes the image i could never do anything like this and i want to learn do you have any tips for me? my email is please email me i really would like to know how you came up with this image and how you created it.

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I'm quite used to Painter for this kind of style but I wanted to try it with this new version of Photoshop (7) as I've seen so beautiful work around with it. I still need to find out where I can change my tablet settings with it...

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I agree with the previous comment, you´ve done a wondeful job with the colours!

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this is really really really cool!!!! the colors are awesome!!!

Art at its best.