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Liber Aton

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Added: Nov 08, 2002
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Sanskrit sigil of the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra.

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*grin* I understand completely, no offense taken! Many times people don't see what I put into my pictures, yet will see all kinds of things I never intended. As for this piece it isnt a random scribble, its a constructed squiggle with a purpose. According to different mystical beliefs a person can write down something they wish to have happen, and simplify all of the words into a shape. This shape is called the sigil. The sigil is then held in the mind during meditation, charging the shape, and having the wish fulfilled. This is a sigil created from a Tibetan mantra for liberation of the self from personal inhibitions and internal blocks. The fiery color scheme was chosen because the Sanskrit language is called a 'fire language.'

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Don't understand the title or the description and I'm not too fond of abstract art b/c of my ignorance in understanding each individual piece (they can mean so much and to those who are ignorant, they mean so little). I would like to say though about your new abstract piece that something I do like about them is taht they are created in a way that the viewer (or at least myself) can see a lot of different images in this whole thing. Kind of when a person scribbles something and a 5 year old says "it's a boat! Don't you see it?" Keep in mind, I'm not calling this a scribble or anything negative, lol, people get easily defensive on their art I know. Just thought I'd mention that as far as my knowledge goes, your abstract art is nice because it keeps the eyes moving and the mind imanigitive, although normally I wouldn't spend too much time looking at it because it just not my cup of tea. Oh, yea...and great use of color on all those abstract pieces too (it's pleasing to the eye)

Art at its best.