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On Sundays

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Added: Jun 18, 2003
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Here's four characters from Norse mythology: Heimdall on Gulltopp and Odin on Sleipner are racing each other back to Asgård. These divine nags are not ground-bound, air or water works fine too. Odins two ravens Hugin (thought) and Munin (memory) are trailing behind.

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devilry's picture

I'm humbled- thanks for liking and commenting!

j-art's picture

Wow! I’m really in awe – I love the way you use the digital media – this is a breathtaking piece! Very, very, very well done – congrats!!!!!

devilry's picture

Thank you! Laughing out loud The trees were quickly done compared w the time that I spent on the figures. I just tried to imagine what big branches stretching out among clouds would look like when meeting the sunlight.. I've never painted trees like this before so I was really stretching my bark-painting skills.. Smile I'm happy to hear you like it!

Guest's picture

the first thing that I thought when I saw this picture was BEAUTIFUL COLORS! The horses are great, I love the people, all in all, this is a masterpiece! I love the rest od your art, but this one is my favorite! I really really like how you made the trees, I wish I had that kind of skill, how do you do it???

devilry's picture

Cheers Epiguest, you just made my whole day! It's so nice to get nice comments. =)

Guest's picture

I really like your work, it's pure fantasy and the detail is amazing. Your use of shadow and light has been given alot of care and makes the pictures look more real. Nice Shock)

rubens's picture

Älskar dina vikingar !!!

devilry's picture

Thank you very much! Laughing out loud

wolfvayne's picture

Wow - I can see that alot of planning went into this (the 4 legged horse comes to mind). I love it - the colours, the carefree mood, and the story behind it :] GREAT stuff!!

devilry's picture

That's a good thing with digital media - it's easy to add thin washes of shadow to sculpt the figures. Thanks for the comment!

devilry's picture

Cheers! I figured that the extra legs had to go between, and not behind, the first set of legs. Otherwise the poor beast would trip over himself. I'm glad the four hind legs are in the cloud tho, since they would be much more difficult to get right. Smile

devilry's picture

Thanks Harmony! I was trying not to get too carried away with the possibilities of heavy digital colours, but stick to a watercoloury feeling.

Guest's picture

Wonderful work!! The sense of speed and fun and cold here are just great! Beautiful colors too.

pageaxe's picture

Wow,That is cool!Looks like they are going to jump right out of my computer screen-Really nice work!

portalrun's picture

Cool work Stella, I like how you made those four front legs fit naturally, great job on the horse anatomy, everything seems very well renderd

Art at its best.