Fetus Dreams by ddoved

Fetus Dreams

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 25, 2002
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Artwork Description

A fetus is experiencing dreaming for the first time, and it's overwhelming. This work is only 15 X 21 cm. I had to use a magnifying glass while adding some of the detail. . .

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glad you enjoyed it.. Laughing out loud

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you're a genius.

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you're a genius.

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higly original. i love how the texture drives this piece. the colors you chose is just perfect. nicely done.

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crazy work , i like it Smile
nice to see here other ppl form israel.

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This is excellent! wonderful detail, Bravo!

ddoved's picture

thank you alice,
I really like your page, it rocks!!

It took me about a month to create this piece.

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..wow... you have my complete respect for being patient enough to do this.. how long did it take? great image

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very original, very interesting.i don't quite know why, but i immediately thought of one of those indiana jones door openers(just stick your finger in the fetus's mouth.....)

pantropy's picture

The detail! Wow. The dark confused feeling just emanates from the image is awesome.

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Wow. I'm a sucker for insane amounts of details like this. You should post a close-up. There's so many hidden things in it. I completely missed the faces at first.

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I love the detail on this one. It's really intricate and beautiful.

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There's something horrible and even gruesome about it (braaains!), yet the subdued colors and shapes almost try to convey a sense of comfort and relaxation....funky.

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thanx sara sweetie!

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wow. a guy after my own heart, being this obsessed with detail:). this is GREAT!!

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10 points:)

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Thank you very much Oliver!

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...this is a powerfull work,i love the concept and the details are very impressive,you have a very unique style...if your sketches looking finished so,i´m stretched forward:-)

ddoved's picture

thank you Maura, I always appreciate a good coment like that!!
I try to keep original, and lately I'm having a "creative streak"! Smile

maura's picture

Wow. I'm very impressed. You have a nice style, and great concepts.

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I like the expressiveness of your work. The detail on this one is amazing. It's so dark and intricate. I could stare at it for hours. In fact, I think I will...

Art at its best.