Dragon Lair by weeman

Dragon Lair

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 27, 2002
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An evil dragon waits hungrily for its next meal to come calling. For Kenzer & Co.

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Run for the hills! Heh heh, all joking aside, I really like how you rendered this one (all of your work is nicely rendered), and the crafty, greedy look in his eye!

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I think your idea to use the bat wing as your model si genius! (and I don't mean that sarcastically either) You put alot of truth in your fantasy pics and that's what makes them so alive! YOU ROCK! lurv, carlyn

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I really like the wing texture. He looks nasty Smile.

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Cute?!! He's evil!!! Oh, never mind. His little grin was inspired by dinosaur jaw shapes and my quest to portray wickedness, not happy cutesyness. I've seen Dee's dragons, and they're great! I feel mine's wings are based more on bat wing morphology; more jointed, less fluid than hers, hopefully lending itself to a more claw-like appearance.

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Love the way the tail brings us into the picture.
Hee, he has this li'l smile on his face...and I don't care how ferocious he's supposed to be, he looks CUTE, darnit!!

The far wing being raised so high kind of threw me...but then, I've been over to Dee Dreslough's dragon tutorials, which has another very cool and plausible way for dragons to fold their wings...

In any case, I like the details on the wings, too.

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*eyes go googly* It's beautiful, you sure don't wish to wake that bad boy...

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Thanks for the positive comments, guys! The image of "a sleeping dragon" is a very familiar one, so I tried my best to keep the composition on this one interesting. Thanks for the notice!

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Very successful perspective and textures. Can't wait to see more of your work!

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Caleb, great drawing. Nice feeling of depth.

Art at its best.