Guardin' Gnomes by weeman

Guardin' Gnomes

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Artwork Stats
Added: Apr 05, 2004
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A troop of kobold warriors assault the entrance to a gnome keep, with a handful of stalwart little defenders blocking the way. My attempt to make a comic book-style cover to a roleplaying accessory. For Kenzer & Co.

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Guest's picture

with everybody drawing just dwarves and halflings when it comes to the "wee" folk, it's a great refreshement to see your gnomes... missed your artwork a bit too good to see you back

storn's picture

Nice work. Really like the heirarchy of figures, the complexity of detail doesn't get in the way of hte story. just very nice. Not quite sure what is going on with Kobold visor up in the upper left corner... REally like the reverse grip on that hooziwhatsits weapon the lead hero is swinging.

frodo's picture

great stuff!...

weeman's picture

Thanks a lot! Considering the amount of detail you put into your creations, I take that as a sincere compliment.

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AAaaargh! This is a great drawing! I want to win the lottery and then use all my spare time to draw awesome scenes like this! Sniff, until then, all I can do is admire others art.

sdavis123061's picture

Very cool, and very well done. Reminds me of my classic D&D rolepalying adventures. I love the action you put into it, and it's very nicely detailed as well. Good job Caleb.

weeman's picture

Thank you very much!

illustrus's picture

I love it. It came out great. Your style is really solid, all of your work in your gallery is like that though.
Well done.

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Very good I like the feel of it. The Art shows the story.(From Agudo the Art lover)

Art at its best.