Twilight Hunters by aprillee

Twilight Hunters

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 10, 2002
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A Drow Elf and a Snowy Owl, alone in a birch forest at night...

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I don't think anyone ever gets tired of hearing nice comments! ---Thanks!

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I know you've heard it, and heard it again, but I just thought I'd let you know once more; the most outstanding portait of a drow I have ever seen. Great Work!

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I've begun a policy of not allowing any use of my artwork. However--if you're running your own game at home, I'm not going to get all upset if you happen to download a picture to use as reference. However--I'm totally against any use ON-LINE. As I said, it's too easy for people who haven't asked permission to just steal the images if they are on all kinds of interenet sites.

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Wow, this is absolutely awesome... I would like to ask permission to use the pic for one of rpg chars.

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Unbelievablely awsome!

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This is incredible... by far the best drow pic I've seen.

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Marisa, acrylics are not the easiest medium to use. Because it dries so quickly, it's difficult to get it to blend smoothly, particularly for smooth things like skintones. The things acrylics are good for, is that you can easily correct things by painting over it. And if you want things to dry quickly and not lift up with subsequent paintinging, it's great! One cheaty way to make acrylics look smoother is to paint a very large painting. When it's reduced down in print (or on a website) it will look a lot smoother! Also--don't use big, fat, bristle brushes--use small flats and rounds, so you can get the details. Use painting techniques like scumbling and glazing. Know how to mix paint and make gradual gradations. Also, wet palettes and spray-bottles of water also help!

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very, very nice. i love the colours. the face is really good too. i wish i could draw elves like that. wonderful picture.

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Awesome. Love the wide range of blue tones employed in this. The style here is reminiscent of Elmore to me, one of my favorite artists.

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this is absolutely stunning work... and in acrylic. never been able to get the darn stuff to work for me! this guy has to be the best drow i've ever seen!!

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Fantastic work April !! I've been a big fan of your art since Jhoneil first showed me your site !!!

Art at its best.