Percis d'Cassell by aprillee

Percis d'Cassell

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 11, 2002
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... of Montaigne... This painting was created for the 7th Sea collectible card game, published by Alderac Entertainment Group.

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aprillee's picture

Kinuko Craft totally rocks as a painter! I don't think I could even come close to her quality, but I certainly thank you for the comparison!!! ^_^

Guest's picture

Your style reminds me greatly of Kinuko Craft.

I love her work.

Guest's picture

A great character piece, some personality in that stare. Nice choice of colours, and skin tone, and I love the drapery. It has a baroque feel to it. Great work!

Guest's picture

Probably my favorite of all your art. She looks very ... cultured, yet at the same time sexy. Very nicely done!

dilosh's picture

wow! great pose and outfit!!and indeed, gorgeous detail!

aprillee's picture

Thanks! I hope you enjoy playing the game.

eden-celeste's picture

OOH! Way cool! I have a friend who is very into fencing and recently discovered the 7th Sea game and has been bugging me since to play too. This is awesome artwork. If I'd known the artwork was going to be this nice I'd have played ages ago. Smile

kyrn's picture

yup, ver thomas canty-like. Beautiful too:) The lighter colors are a nice departure from tghe rest of your work.

wolverat's picture

Beautiful painting, April. You really did a nice job on the flesh tones and hair.

Guest's picture

Wonderful work with great attention to detail!

aprillee's picture

Outside of fans of a few card games (and former co-workers!!!), I'd be surprised if anyone has heard of me. --There are just too dang many fantasy artists in the world!!! ^_^

aprillee's picture

Actually, this is more properly Mixed Media. I'm using a super-smooth, all white (incl. core) Letramax board, FW Acrylic Inks with an Iwata HP-B airbrush, no frisket this time--I think!, then I erase out the highlights, go in with color pencils to refine the piece, then work up the highlights and shadows with acrylic paint (and some color washes). It's a process that works well for me. And... in case you can't guess, this was very inspired by Tom Canty's fantasy paintings. Oh, and I think she was described as a duellist who uses matching rapiers, hence the two swords...

Guest's picture

Breathtaking textures and details. The silk is really beautiful. Thumbs up.

swisnie's picture

April, great painting. The detail is amazing!

Guest's picture

I could do that well with acrylics too. I have used that medium lately, but...
You are really unbeatable. Great art!

jhoneil's picture

wooohooo!! this is great! Well I'm glad you finally joined Epilogue, April. I can't believe Christine has never heard of you Tongue

griffingirl's picture

*mouth agape* YOU....ARE....FABULOUS! How come I've never heard of you before?? This is my fave; the technique rocks. The texture in the background...her grand costume...perfection. I'd love to get back into acrylics again, but God help me if I try to paint with my rugrats about. Did you use colored pencil with this too? Am off to check out your personal page.

diane's picture

I love this! The colours are wonderful and the costume is amazing - such detail. Awe inspiring work. Thanks for sharing.

Art at its best.