The Sun Shone Fiercely by aprillee

The Sun Shone Fiercely

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Added: Jul 10, 2002
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The Balrog, flinching from the light of the sun, high above the Mines of Moria. This painting was created for the old Middle Earth collectible card game, published by Iron Crown Enterprises.

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it's ok for tomorrow…

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This is a very demented art piece the fire coming of his head is aswesome.

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It reminded me exactly of A Night On Bear Mountain from Fantasia when I first saw it. I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing but I'd say you'd been influenced by it.

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I have the same reluctance to do backgrounds--particularly architecture (agh--straight lines! perspective!!!) that many Epilogue artists have. But I have to admit that a nice background can really help a piece to look better, so I try every now and then to actually put one in.

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This is stunning - the angle is great and the architectural background superb! We could really do with more "building work" in epilogue! This guys truly appears from hell, about to cause some serious damage...

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With Tolkien, it's often hard to tell exactly what his creatures looked like. Even the elves and humans! For instance, there will be many people who will argue that Legolas has dark hair, others that his hair is fair. In the text, it simply never says either way! Balrogs are creatures of fire and shadow. AFAIK, the text doesn't go into much greater detail. My version was somewhat based on John Howe's balrog, since he's my favorite Tolkien artist. But I didn't want to just copy Howe's design, so mine is a bit different. (Come to think of it, I also might have been influenced by Night on Bald Mountain from Fantasia, since I've always liked that demon!)

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One might argue that Balrogs have no real wings (at least that was yelled at me when I mentioned it careless as I am) but it is a very cool Balrog nevertheless. Wink

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April, you have a fantastic gallery! There are not enough true painters on Epilogue.

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Very powerful! Great composition, color, and detail!

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Just great! What shall I say more, if that is the quintessence?

Art at its best.