Iyanna Arienal by aprillee

Iyanna Arienal

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Added: Jul 26, 2002
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Medium: FW Acrylic Inks (airbrushed), Acrylics and Colored Pencil. This is a painting done for the WARHAMMER 40K Collectible Card Game, published by Sabertooth Games. Iyanna Arienal is one of the Eldar. She is a Spiritseer of the Iyanden Craftworld. For more information on Warhammer 40K, just do a search on any of the names I've mentioned.

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Well, the airbrush (non-virtual) can actually look quite a bit like digital paint and airbrush tools. To be absolutely honest, I did try to blur some the the streaks in the background after I scanned the painting in. Although I'd say that the painting pretty much (99.9%) looks like the touched-up scan.

I started working this way before most companies would accept digital art. If I didn't still want to have originals to sell, I might do everything digitally... It's a bit less messy than using an airbrush and frisket!

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wow! fabulous design on the cloths and weapons! I'm still in amazement that this isn't digital! Smile Great work!

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Perfect at all.

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Excellent in design and draftsmanship. Very nice work.

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I wish I'd get a dollar for each card! But if people buy and play the game, I'll get more art assigned to me, so it all works out OK. Thank you for your nice comment!

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that makes me want to play the TCG!

they should give you a dollar for every one of those cards sold!

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I was able to check out the Codex illo of Iyanna; it's much easier to improve on a version than just do something straight out of my head. I was just happy to do some Eldar without helmets!

Unhappily, Sabertooth/Games Workshop has a very restrictive contract--so no prints or originals can be sold by the artists on the Warmhammer 40K ccg. Sad

...See ya soon, NeNe!

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I dont normally comment on anything in Epilogue, because Im a casual visitor and its generally pointless to comment on people that are so far beyond me in skill. : )

I had to say something about this though, simply because I happen to be a Warhammer 40K player and an Eldar enthusiast as well. Your piece is...well... stunning. And perfect. ^^;; I think that you captured the beauty and arrogance, strength and grace of both the race and this character. Right down to the detail in her sash and the runes and gems she wears. Your work is far better than the one that was included in the Eldar book for Ilyanna.

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OO! post more

the colors and her attitude are spectacular!

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Hey April.
I love this piece. She came out really well! Great lighting, and details.
See you at Gen Con....

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Weeellll... The dimensions and the colors are somewhat dictated by the assignment. The dimensions, definitely. I can control the cropping, of course. The colors are set by the different Craftworlds these Eldar come from. Her's uses primarily gold/yellow with a touch of blue (as you can see). It's all a Warhammer 40K thing! Of course, the shade and intensity, etc. can vary. But a lot of that is set by the paintes and inks I use...

Thanks for the nice comments. I had wondered about why I should set up a gallery at Epilogue, but I've got to say that getting comments is a lot of fun! Smile

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Great colors! I like her:))

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April, very nice elongated drawing style.

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This is a extremely beautiful piece, April. Congratulations!

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I think it is around 17" x 9". Thanks for your nice comments!

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Gorgeous! I love the light behind her and in her hair. Just out of curiosity, what size is the original?

Art at its best.