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Added: Aug 01, 2002
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This is a painting created for WARLORD: EYE OF THE STORM collectible card game, published by Alderac Entertainment Group. Tepheroth is High Queen of the Elves (who are dangerous and evil beings in that world). Medium is actually MIXED: Acrylic Inks (with an airbrush), colored pencils and acrylic paint on illustration board. Size: 20" x 24"

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beaumused's picture

Wow. This is so pretty and detailed. Only thing odd about it is she looks like she's about to slip and fall out of her throne. Maybe it's the angle. Anyway, the rest of it is lovely. For some reason her left foot is really eye catching; I love it^^

Guest's picture

very nice, Tepheroth is the first warlord I had for that game

aprillee's picture

Of course I think it's terrific when players like a card for just the artwork rather than the stats! ...They cropped in on Tepheroth quite a bit, though, so it's fun for me to be able to show the entire image here. --Thanks for commenting. Smile

Guest's picture

Once again Warlord rocks. I am the envy of every red blooded man at my FLGS ( friendly local gaming store) b/c I have this card. I thought heck...if I were a man well...Anyway I had to have her, b/c unlike most ccg players I dont care what the card does...as long as it looks good. and she looks GREAT!

aprillee's picture

I've been off-line a lot lately, busy with work and trying to set up a working computer system. Hopefully I'll get back to making WIP comments soon! Thanks for your nice comments!

dark-sidhe's picture

Your step-by-step of the development of this piece was enlightening and fascinating, April! Thanks for all your hard work and critiques on the WIP, and for great images like this. Her lazy lounging is just fabulous. Cheers!

Guest's picture

This is absolutely stunning - the colours are amazing and the level of detail keeps the eyes gazing for ages, the materials are also fabulous - expert job, very well done!

aprillee's picture

Thanks! I was definitely trying to make her look real and hot! ^_^

Guest's picture

Wow! nice job! she looks so real and she is so hot and y!

aprillee's picture

I have a sort of step-by-step (big steps, but it's better than nothing) of this painting up at my website. It also covers the commissioning process a bit. Just go to: http://aprillee.tripod.com/artprocess.htm

aprillee's picture

This would look a bit different if I were using regular acrylic paints with a paint-brush only. The airbrush helps smooth out the color quite a bit. And I've got some mixed media in there: colored pencils, which also are sometimes a bit easier to control that acrylic. The paintings I have that are purely acrylic, using a brush, are: "Butterfly Demon Sword" and "Twilight Hunters"

aprillee's picture

Well... I think I overuse that particular blue... I think it's "Indigo" FW Acrylic Inks, with some "Purple Lake" and plain black sprayed over (airbrushed). Inks--especially these dye-like colors, can be pretty intense, particularly with the white of the board coming through a bit. The colors also get popped a bit more in the scans--but I do tend to go for pretty intense colors...!

mermalior's picture

Amazing concept! and I thank your help (IllNet list)

wolverat's picture

Nicely done! I admire anyone who can paint this well with acrylics.

vera-lucia's picture

April, this is gorgeous!!!

ddoved's picture

beautiful! i too use a very similar technique. but slightly different subjects. Smile

swisnie's picture

April, very nice technique. The vivid blue in the background brings it all together.

Guest's picture

I love the technique! The details are wonderful.

Art at its best.