Season of the Dragon--Mirumoto Shiryu by aprillee

Season of the Dragon--Mirumoto Shiryu

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Added: Aug 27, 2002
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Medium: Mixed--Acrylics, acrylic inks, colored pencils. This painting was created for the collectible card game, LEGEND OF THE FIVE RINGS, published by Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG). The image was primarily for a poster advertising the game's "Season of the Dragon" game tournaments. The Dragon are one of the Clans you can play in the game. They are a Clan of samurai and mystic tattooed monks (magic users). The figure is Mirumoto Shiryu, a samurai duellist trained in the Niten (two-sword) technique that the Mirumoto family is famed for. The Dragon Clan live in mountainous lands. A former member of the Clan is now the Lady Moon. The image was also used on a promotional card for the game. And the character is named after one of the more prominent Legend of the Five Rings players in France.

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I love his hair and tatoo. Yummy. Wink

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... (just swallowed my tongue cause my words cannot reach your art)

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quit your day job, do this foa a living, live my dream

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OMG this is 1 of the coolset pics that ive seen! Very nice keep them comin plz ty later

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Not being able to make the art doesn't negate your ability to know how the art should be done. It's like being an editor for writers. A good editor is invaluable, even though many writers wish they would go away at times. --As for this particular piece, all I can say is that it's a good thing he's mostly covered, since you'd probably see more to fault! I'm OK at anatomy, but am not as careful or knowledgeable as I should be. ^_^

---As for critiques, the chest is pretty flexed, so any differentiation would be hard to show. What is actually questionable is the lighting: the angle of the moon would more back-light him than come from the angle it currently is show. My excuse is that I wanted to show the moon and still have him lit, so I pretend there is a light source out of the frame somewhere. Some of the drapery isn't rendered that well--it's a bit too even and sausage-rolly. Also the lighting on his arms don't really work to show the different angles between upper and fore-arm... There are a host of other things I see wrong when I look at it. This is the same with all my pieces. That's why most artists won't mind comments from other people. Most artists are their own worst critics. Tongue

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Your an incredable artist, with such great skill in coloration. And so I've only been able to uncover one masked fault: the lack of dynamics in pose. While most of the time the anatomy is right, as it is here. But the muscles are all very uniform, rather then differing as they mask the bone at different angles and tensions.
I'm incredably impressed though, with all you have here, and so far green with envy I could blend in with the grass on a golf course. Sure I can critique art, but I'm still so amatuer when it comes to making it.

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The sketch took a long time--mostly because I tried to research two-handed sword stances and had to get everything approved by both art director and marketing (and ended up not using a really authentic sword pose because of that). That took days! Then I trasferred the sketch to a large illustration board and cleaned up the sketch, which took...maybe a day. I use an airbrush, so base-painting is pretty quick. I only cut frisket for about 4 colors: blue sky, green clothing, skin, the black/grey for hair and mountains. That went pretty quickly, maybe 3 or 4 hours (mostly waiting for paint to dry). Putting in shadows and highlights (mostly with an eraser and colored pencils) maybe 4 or 5 hours. Details and painting, maybe 4 or 5 hours. So painting only takes about 3 or 4 days solid. I have a full-time job as a computer game artist, so all this work was spread out after work and on weekends, so it was spread over many more days. Several weeks, probably.

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This is GREAT !!How long does it take you to do something like this...

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Thank you. I'm actually pretty weak with stuff like background elements and landscape. Even drapery (the clothes) can be a pain to do. But I do enjoy the human figure, so I love spending most of my time rendering that. Getting a smoothly blended skin-tone is definitely not easy. Well, digitally, it's a bit easier than paint, anyway! But even in paint and pencils, there are ways to go about doing it...

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The color work is incredible, specially the skin!!!

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Awesome pic! As usual:)

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Wonderful stuff - has a great, "classic" look too it. I love the flow and rhythm of the hair and robes.

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Excellent Job on the layout here.
My Fav of your gallery! Smile

Art at its best.