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Added: Sep 18, 2002
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This was created for the RIFTS collectible card game, but was never published because the company (Precedence) went bankrupt. Rifts is still an rpg published by Palladium. The game is set on an alternative earth where rifts have opened up, letting in magic, creatures and demons. Guinevere is part of New Camelot. She has magic abilities and seems good and glowing, but may have unknown darkness about her (hence the dark background). Her physique is partially based on reference art from the rpg books. The medium is actually MIXED: acrylic paint, acrylic inks and airbrush, colored pencils.

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amazon27's picture

This one is my Favorite!!

aprillee's picture

Yeah... it's pretty thin! It's a bad spot to cut the form, since it's right before the hips start to flare, plus it's an odd pose, where she's twisting her waist slightly... I should have handled it better, but oh, well!!!

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I love how strong her face looks, and great work on her skin and hair. Her waist is so tiny, it looks like she's going to snap in half at any minute.

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I really love fantasy pictures/drawing and your's are just about one of the best. Specially the owl pic "Twilight Hunters" - I love owls. Keep up the good work.

aprillee's picture

I'm glad you like her! She's originally a character from the RIFTS rpg books, so I had a black and white line-drawing to work from. She was meant to be very attractive, and came with the um... large-ish bust-size! So I just got to try and make my painting do her justice! Thanks for your comments.

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The female in the pic. loooks sooooo 'HOT' ! ! ! !How's it you get to draw such cool images ??Is it just from your imagination or something like that???however this is my most favourite piece i have seen of your's!Hope you keep making more cool and better portraits! ! Smile

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its very wonderful this image

aprillee's picture

... at the waist--you're right... Tongue

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She's too thin!

aprillee's picture

I use photo refs. I SHOULD be taking my own photos from models, but it's not feasible due to time and money involved. So I have to be careful that I change enough so that I'm not treading on copyrights.

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This is incedible - the beauty you've instilled in her is breathtaking (do you use models? photos?). The skin tones, as mentioned before, are truly convincing, and the background sets a great scene. Keep up the good work!

aprillee's picture

Well there's two different things at work with skin tones.

One is the color(Drunk. Most people are too tentative with using a range of colors for skin. I'm actually pretty conservative because I'm spraying pre-mixed paint through an airbrush. But I still use several colors: base of FW acrylics inks "Flesh" (or raw sienna for Asian skin tones), with an Earth/Indian Red for darker areas, and sepia or burnt umber for shadows. If I were using acrylic paints or watercolors with a larger palette of colors, I'd try to get away from local color (basic/main color) and add the colors from direct light and reflected light, etc.

I'm adding highlights by using an eraser and letting the white of the board show through. And darkening details and shadows with colored pencils.

The second thing about skin tones is the blending of the gradations from dark to light. That is super-hard to achieve with acrylics. Not so hard with airbrush. Not hard at all with digital.

Good photo ref is also really helpful! (But try not to copy--just use the ref to see how light falls on the object, etc.)

aprillee's picture

It's acrylic inks using an airbrush, with colored pencils (details and the trees in the background), and some acrylic paint using a paintbrush (darken trees, add details to face, hair, eyes, jewelry, magic effect, etc.).

I don't think I touched this scan up, other than to adjust the levels, maybe. Most of the time I'm in to much of a hurry just to scan the art in for my files and fedex the original off to the publisher to fix anything up digitally.

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All your work is great- but I especially am impressed with the skin tones in this pic. Fantastic!

twstdrealty8's picture

wow, acrylic?? I thought it was digital! Great body tone and rendering! Just overall great image!

Art at its best.