Might and Magic VIII Wallpaper: "Wolves" by aprillee

Might and Magic VIII Wallpaper:  "Wolves"

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Artwork Stats
Added: Oct 10, 2002
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Artwork Description

This is a load screen created by me for the PC game "Might and Magic VIII." It was also made into a free downloadable wallpaper, which is the format it is in here. The wolves were modeled and textured by me using 3DStudio-Max. The base model of the elf was made by various others, including John Gibson, but was posed and altered, cut apart and drawn on by me for this scene. All of the various elements were composed, tweaked, rendered, etc., by me digitally, using Photoshop.

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The girl looks a bit out of place in this painting. The wolves and the scenery look almost real, but she looks so plastic. Great work on the wolves though.

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The title says it all, it's a brilliant peice of art

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Unfortunately, we artists are kept totally in the dark and the writers and designers add in all the names later, so I never know things like that. Of course, I COULD have played the game and found out! But slave-drivers as they are, they put me right to work on the next games (H4 and MM9) so we didn't have time to play... Sad

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Too bad that the 3DO company is no more... However, that elf, isn't that Rohani Oscleton, the first elf to join the party?
It is a great work, and it was my favorite load screen as well.

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M&M has been going seriously down-hill in all respects. It's not our fault! Sad We try and make good games, but companies want to release skus in specific quarters, and they don't want to pay and allow time to update or build a new engine... so we're stuck. M&M as an entire line has been cut after M&M 9, which is a sad end for a long-popular game.

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This has ALWAYS been my favorite load screen in M&M 8. Too bad the game wasn't as good...

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Hey, that's fantastic, considering that some of this was done in 3DS Max, it's amazing (I know how difficult and time-consuming 3DS can be with characters...). you're multi-talented, and you've done a great job!!

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Those wolves are freakin gnarley!
Their design is igenious, and they make this picture in my opinion.
Great work. A+

Art at its best.