Wielded Twice by aprillee

Wielded Twice

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Added: Dec 19, 2002
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Legolas at Helm's Deep. This artwork was commissioned as part of MIDDLE-EARTH: The Dragons, a collectible card game set produced by Iron Crown Enterprises, in 1997--well before the films were made. I just saw "LotR: The Two Towers" and wish to offer this little painting in tribute to that great effort in bringing Tolkien's work to the screen!

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mermalior's picture

Wow. Wonderful pic. I like especially the material of his dress, and the bow's texture. You are great April!Smile

aprillee's picture

Thanks. I'd like to paint even more classically... but I need to get art for card games done in only a few days or less. But I try... Sad

aprillee's picture

It would be a totally failed painting if he wasn't at least a little hot! Hmmm... I'll have to see if I have any other Eldar that look any good... I'm starting to do Warhammer High Elves, so that has some possibilities... But all those WH elves and eldar wear too much armor which obscures the really hot-looking elf-bods I know are under it all!!! Laughing out loud (---is it getting hot in here?)

aprillee's picture

... I could paint elves all day and all night and never get tired of it! Smile

aprillee's picture

Thanks, Stan. I still haven't really got a handle on night scenes. I just totally fake the lighting and hope it reads OK. This piece was done a while ago. It was one of the first pieces of Middle Earth art that I was half-way happy with. I can see plenty of faults, but I'm glad they are outweighed by what does work!

aprillee's picture

I was SO happy when I got that assignment! I definitely EXIST to paint pretty elf boys!!! And to look at 'em too. Can't wait to see Two Towers again... *sigh* Legolas... Aragorn... so many nice things to look at!!! Smile

aprillee's picture

The only color piece? whoo-hoo! score! I love working in color. Frankly, I don't have the graphic sensibility to do great black and white art. Color can easily over-shadow black and white--but there is a skill in great b&w work that can be truly breath-taking. I certainly admire it. As for painting with a traditional brush... it does seem to be more and more a lost art. Frankly, I do it because I started painting and working before paint programs were much good and before companies started accepting digital work. It's a good skill to have, though. I still like having the orignal to sell. Although being able to fix things digitally is VERY nice!!!

aprillee's picture

The pose and the right arm in particular is pretty iffy, I agree! I can't quite figure out what to do with it either... I can tinker with it digitally, but the painting is long sold (in the collection of Diana Stein). So it's far too late to fix, even if I did know.

kyrn's picture

niiiiice:) you know all the girls love him!

Guest's picture

Wow, he's hot alright Laughing out loud
I love the blue sky, that just brings the whole picture together.
His right arm doesn't look right though..there doesn't seem to be enough depth to it, or something, I can't quite put my finger on it.

swisnie's picture

April, wonderful color scheme. Nice job of having darks and shadows flow throughout the composition.

griffingirl's picture

Rowr, baby! Could you call it, or what?? Gotta love a many with a bow...

octagon's picture

Congratulations, you are the absolutely best. Today this is THE ONLY color picture! Epilogue.net seems to become black and white. Thus every color painting (especially so skilfuly made with a real brush) is rare and wonderful work of art. Thank you! Color forever!

Guest's picture

Yep, that's my great revelation about this painting! Seriously though, beautiful work. I love seeing all the new paintings you have been posting on epilouge. The Eldar one is also especially nice.

kiara's picture

I like this illustration so much!
The colours are great and I love his bow and the background a lot!
There's a very classical mood in this one!
I like your art!

Art at its best.