Túrin Turambar stands before Glaurung by pxp

Túrin Turambar stands before Glaurung

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'Now Turambar came to Nen Girith at sundown, and there he learned that Glaurung lay on the brink of the high shores of Teiglin, and was like to move when night fell. Then he called those tidings good; for the dragon lay at Cabed-en-Aras, where the river ran in a deep and narrow gorge that a hunted deer might overleap, and Turambar thought that he would seek no further, but would attempt to pass over the gorge. Therefore he purposed to creep down at dusk, and descend into the ravine under night, and cross over the wild water; and then to climb up the further cliff, and so come to the dragon beneath his guard.'

JRR Tolkien: The Silmarillion: Chaper 21: Of Túrin Turambar

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the silmarillion is a great story. So is your pic

pxp's picture

Laughing out loud

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Wow! Im in shock

pxp's picture

I'm very glad to hear this!

pxp's picture

Thanks a lot.

pxp's picture

And I can only give you a belated thank you for such a beautiful comment. I apprecite it very much.

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This is still one of my favs of your artwork.

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woow,thats a powerfullpainting,you are really good with water colour.i love the tones in this piece.its really wonderfull

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*bows low* For sharing thy dream, thy art, and thy soul, this maid greatly thanks thee. For truly hast thou captured the great bard's Hero and brought to life his spirit and grace. The magic held within thy heart is plain to see for all who have the wisdom to see it.

pxp's picture

*bows low* And once again, I can only thank you. I agree, the story of Túrin is possibly the most well-written of Tolkien's work, and so I really enjoy illustrating it.

monstarling's picture

*jaw drops*

Oh dear... all that detail! And in watercolours?! I am really green with envy now. Glaurung looks incredibly real and way too scary...

I must say Turin´s story is one of my favourites from the Silmarillion, and you´ve done a wonderful job with it. Congratulations!

pxp's picture

Thank you for the lovely comment. I will most definately continue to update here, and I appreciate you taking the time to come back and have a look. As for now, you can see some more of my (older) work at my Elfwood gallery if you wish, the link being on my main gallery page. Again, I thank you.

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Just excellent work! I must say I am most impressed by your watercoloring-skills. Just keep sending in your work and I'll be a regular at your gallery.

pxp's picture

And it's great to be here, believe you me. Thanks for the great comment.

sferris's picture

Excellent work Peter. very "Alan Lee" "John Howe" feel about it. Love to see more and nice to see you at Epilogue.

pxp's picture

*blushes* What an incredibly kind comment. Thank you. I hope to go 'somewhere' with my art, if at all possible.

pxp's picture

Thanks alot. Yes, it's a great book Smile

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This is an absolutely stunning painting. The muted colours adds to the dreamy mystic fantasy feel. I just read your bio and saw that you are only 17, am very very impressed with your level of skill. You are surely going to go far.

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Wow, the Silmarillion sounds awesome. Great interpretation of this passage Peter.

Art at its best.