The Houses of Healing by pxp

The Houses of Healing

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'But in the morning, as Faramir came from the Houses, he saw her, as she stood upon the walls; and she was clad all in white, and gleamed in the sun. And he called to her, and she came down, and they walked on the grass or sat under a green tree together, now in silence, now in speech. And each day after they did likewise.'

JRR Tolkien: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King: Book VI, Chapter 5: The Steward and the King

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I like this painting very much. But it would be really bookverse, if Faramir has long, raven hair.

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Cool! Thanks.

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Thank you, I'm glad that you think of this picture that way.

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vary nice just like i pictured it when i read the book

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the colors here are so calming and soothing. wonderful job indeed

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Thank you very much for the welcome. I appreciate your comments. I hope to improve, but I suppose it will just take more time and practise, and equally so, I am more than willing to work at it throughout the future Smile

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Just would like to welcome you to Epilogue. I hope you'll be able to upload many more pictures here. Smile

Thanks for popping by in my Elfwood gallery, I don't spend enough time online at the moment to reply properly to your feedback (which is always much appreciated).

As for the picture - well, in some respects (like the clarity of the background) it is much more than I can do at the moment and with more practice I'm sure you can go quite far.

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Yes, indeed. Thanks.

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I like your style:)

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this is watercolor. 0.0 *speechless*

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Thanks a lot.

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Nice! I like your style, it's lovely.

Art at its best.