Tuor's sighting at the Pool of Ivrin by pxp

Tuor's sighting at the Pool of Ivrin

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'Even as he spoke thus, they heard a cry in the woods, and they stood still as grey stones, listening. But the voice was a fair voice, though filled with grief, and it seemed that it called ever upon a name, as one that searches for another who is lost. And as they waited one came through the trees, and they saw that he was a tall Man, armed, clad in black, with a long sword drawn; and they wondered, for the blade of the sword also was black, but the edges shone bright and cold. Woe was graven in his face, and when he beheld the ruin of Ivrin he cried aloud in grief, saying: 'Ivrin, Faelivrin! Gwindor and Beleg! Here once I was healed. But now never shall I drink the draught of peace again.'
Then he went swiftly away towards the North, as one in pursuit, or on an errand of great haste, and they heard him cry Faelivrin, Finduilas! until his voice died away in the woods. But they knew not that Nargothrond had fallen, and this was Túrin son of Húrin, the Blacksword. Thus only for a moment, and never again, did the paths of those kinsmen, Túrin and Tuor, draw together.'

JRR Tolkien: Unfinished Tales: Of Tuor and his Coming to Gondolin

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Thank you very much indeed. Such a complimentary comment is always very much appreciated.

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Again, thanks a lot Bill. I do update fairly frequently on the Elfwood gallery, but unfortunately these paintings overall take a long time to finish each.

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Marvellous interpretation, Peter!your watercolours are excellent! love the cool colours in this one, your figures and details are treat for the eyes, very nicely done!

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Lovely work Peter, I always enjoy seeing your Tolkien interpretations, even if they're not as frequent as I'd like Smile

Art at its best.