The 2 Virtues by ffranceschi

The 2 Virtues

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Added: Jul 05, 2002
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The 2 Virtues

Every day, every night,
Two ancient Virtues,
the first White, the second Black,
meet deadly
and in a persuasive way
lay siege,
without any remedy,
my poor mind.
The White One lavishes
Spiritual Pureness.
From the Black One flows
Sexual Passion.
White or Black:
the Neverending Dispute.
But I'm, really,
satisfied only with Gray!

by F. Franceschi

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lew's picture

Nice yin yang thingy. (I really like the simplety of the style---) but there's one thing that has no balance: the Black is too less, isn't it?

ffranceschi's picture

Yo Babyliz,
really my dark side too is often the winner on my white side....
Is it a problem? I think no! nyone of us could be as it want to be and not as the other want you are!
So let you rest as you're, dark or white: this is the best thing for you! (and for me too!!!)
Ciao-Ciao from Italy!
Francesco (Frank)

Guest's picture

it reminds me of every one fight between mind and horomones and in me horomones always wins i guess my black side is stronger and that is not always a good thing! may be one day the white side will win!!!

ffranceschi's picture

Yo Patrick!
Thanx for your comment!
You've hit the image concept!!
Francesco (Frank)

ffranceschi's picture

Thanx Fiona for your kind comment!
Francesco (Frank)

nooget's picture

That's really interesting, I like it!

megaflow's picture

This is a very nice take on the "Yin/Yang" concept; peaceful balance of light and dark.

Art at its best.