Sierva Maria de todos los Angeles by monstarling

Sierva Maria de todos los Angeles

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Based on the main character from the novel "Of love and other demons" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. This is Sierva Maria as she appears in Cayetano Delaura´s dream for the first time. Due to the strong catholic feel of the novel (and sort of ironic considering the girl is thought to be possessed by a demon) I wanted her to appear almost like a virgin, pure and innocent. As in a vision.

My 14 year-old cousin was the model for Sierva Maria´s face. Colour and black pencils on paper.

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This is extremely well rendered in coloured pencil - your technique is admirable, keep up the good work!

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I rarely, if not ever post a comment.But when I saw this picture, I know I had to write something. It is SO beautiful. I hadn't even read the comment you put for the drawing when I started thinking about how she looked like and angel or a serene virgin like Mary. I must say you accomplished exactly what you set out to do, she looks like someone UNTAINTED by the world or, as you say, demons.

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Absolutely beautiful!!!!

Ack! put your name on the image! Don't let people steal so easily:)

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Monica, this has always been about my favourite of all your pictures. Somehow, I think the entire composition makes it just so beautiful. The glow in her hair to the serene expression on her face to the metticulous hands just make it seem more magical. The brown paper also makes it look like something from an ancient parchment. Gives one this feeling of nostalgia. I have probably told you how much I love this time after time, but like you said, telling you again can't hurt.

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how beautiful! its classic. the hands are my favourite, but the face and hair are just great too!

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I think I was fill in love with her

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This is beautiful... I'm amazed how good you are with colored pencils. The hands are very well done. The picture does seem to glow...I love it!

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I see that you have some of my favorites in your Epilogue gallery, and this is one of them. ^_^ It has a very definite old masters' touch, with that precise attention to detail, and the gentle golden glow. Those hands themselves are incredible.

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Absolutely gorgeous! This has such a lovely old master's touch..the hair is particularly well rendered and the softness of her expression is a joy. Beautiful work Monica!

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Very interesting work! I like the outlines!

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez is one of my favourite non-british authors as well.
actually, you are conveying the atmosphere of most of his works with this piece. sweet and nostalgic.. and very, very well painted. congratulations and thank you!

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lovely indeed. the style reminds me of the old masters' work.. the warm paper tone and bright highlights on the hair looks really nice Smile

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Wonderful picture, It has a very unearthly softness to it. I love you choice of color aswell. This is a very beutiful picture.

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This is what I was expecting to's wonderful!! You have really captured the innocence, yet there is also the hint that her mind may be on other things. The lighting is gorgeuos.....very subtle, and lovely hands as well. Keep up the great work.

Take Care!!

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Great drawing! Gabriel Garcia Marquez is one of my favourite authors. I loved this novel. You captured the essence of the character as seen by Cayetano.

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This is a lovely image, very soft and lifelike. It reminds me of those framed pictures of saints you often find in Catholic book shops.

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so pretty

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Beautiful drawing! It has the strength of form and the softness in its rendering.

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This is so beautiful! The glow around her hair is a great touch.

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Lovely drawing! Meticulous hands.

Art at its best.