Man and Martini by monstarling

Man and Martini

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 13, 2002
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This was a bit of an experiment for me: it´s a vampire couple, done in black ink, acrylics, pen and pencil. I must apologise for the poor quality of the scan... the image was so big I had to scan it in two parts.

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The hand is superb, the glass is amazing, the olives look edible. The only thing that I can see is that her head looks a wee bit out of proportion. It's kinda small. That aside, I think you are incredibly talented, and am very, very jealous.



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This looks so familiar. I think I've seen it, or at least something a lot like it, in a magazine somewhere. Did you sell this to any advertisers?

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Good Job! I´m a Luciana Job´s friend, also argentinian. I´ll mail you ^___^

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Have you ever seen the one episode of Tales from The Crypt with the couple that got in a fight and the chick brought home this other guy who attacked them later on? The couple in it look EXACTLY like the two people you drew. They were vampires or zombies or something..Very nice picture, by the way. ^_^ I like the contrast between the man and the woman and I don't really think all the focus is on the woman..Well, that's just my opinion. As soon as I saw it I was thinking about that episode..especially since I saw it last night. Uhm..bye!

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The glass/ Martini is superb, but his nose seems a bit deformed (that could just be because it is ^_^) and her face kinda slanted to the right (her left) That's probably, as you said, due to the funky scan. ::looks some more:: her hand is great too ^_^;;; I think you should have brought some red into the man a bit just so that the entire focus isn't on the woman, Her dress stands out the most...but I really don't see how that could have been acomplished in the first place....I'll be quiet now!

Art at its best.