Durin's Bane Detail by aragorn

Durin's Bane Detail

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 12, 2003
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A closer look at the Balrog, revised after someone was kind enough to help me see some of my mistakes in the face the first time around.

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aragorn's picture

Wow. I am unworthy of praises from an artist of your caliper but I won't complain. Thanks for the encouragement.

Guest's picture

Nice, but in cinema the Balrog seemed to me more... realistic. I don't belive Melcor used Yavanna's work for his minions. And Yavanna in her turn couldn't use Melcor's

abigailryder's picture

AweSOME. Dude. like totally. I'm speechless. *reverts to normalcy*... I love the internal glow you got by inverting the stripes, and the movement here... this shows all the lithe ferocity and blind violence that a Balrog should. Very nice interpretation. sez me.

goldseven's picture

Great job--what I love most is the tongue, which lookes like some molten metal. Very scary!

caitmf1's picture

i love the idea of a tiger kind of head on the balrog; ive never seen that before; really well executed;love the little details and it just looks savage as hell

vengince's picture

Wicked piece Danny, very powerful,I wil keep an eye out for your work,

bcorbett67's picture

You can really see the work you put into it Danny zoomed up like this - looking forward to seeing more Smile

aragorn's picture

Thanks. A comment coming from an artist as good as you are really means something.

megaflow's picture

Nice work, Danny! Hope to see more soon.

aragorn's picture

To be honest, I don't know of a technique by that name, but I have taken very few formal classes. I have received some good instruction in classes, but certainly not as much as I would like. Anyway, a comment coming from you really means something. Your gallery is fabulous.

krista's picture

I like the subtractive method you've got going on...really sweet pic! Laughing out loud

aragorn's picture

Thanks. I use painter 7. I absolutely love that program. It feels like I have an unlimited potential to improve as I use painter. I feel that the whole piece is much stronger when you see it in print where almost every centimeter is this detailed. Thanks for the comment.

Guest's picture

This is phenomenal Danny, what do you use - painter? Great lighting effects you've achieved here. I like the full piece, but this detail is even stronger as a stand-alone piece.

Guest's picture

Awesome pic.You are one of the few artists I've seen that have done the Balrog justice. WOW!

Art at its best.