Broken by hilgert


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Added: Jan 07, 2003
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My first serious image done 100% in Adobe Photoshop. I finally discovered two things I needed to complete such work. Patience and time. Some of the hardest things to obtain.

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epicphoenix's picture

Yes it looks as if this is straight out of "Legend"...they even had a similar close up of the unicorn in the movie

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So many people do horrible, horrible things to equines - this is gorgeous! Very nice attention to detail, good proportions, all in all very nicely done

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When I was little...My favorite movie was "The Last Unicorn" I never really understood it, until I got older. But this reminds me of the sacrifice that unicorn made in the movie...I guess what I'm trying to get at is...It's beautiful. You capture sadness and feeling, You'll capture many imaginations that way...great job.

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What a wonderful picture, you have certainly emphasised with the unhappiness of the Unicorn which takes great talent.

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fine go ahead mak me cry!

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tis picture is wonderfull. the eyes are full of feelings. pour unicorn lost the horn..:´(

zt-1's picture

Hi, great job on the painting, i really like the atmosphere. The leg and shoulder are kind of in a strange position, but everything else is really nice, especially the face.

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*sniffle* i think i'll cry Sad That's beautiful. Did the movie Legend inspire you? That's the first thing I thought of when I saw it.

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Very good. I really like this picture and the mood it brings with it. very sad. I'm not sure what the right leg is doing but then that's me being over picky

rebekah's picture

Brilliant. You use the photoshop like real paint!

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I think this picture is great, it has such can see and feel the sadness of this unicorn. It's great! Keep up the good drawings of the horses

ickessler's picture

I don't know much about photoshop, but it's good texture on the fur and loose skin around the neck.

Art at its best.