No Limit by schlunz

No Limit

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Artwork Stats
Added: Mar 28, 2003
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tniemi's picture

The automated taxicabs will take you everywhere on this planet of metal and steel, but to leave the taxi you have to step out of it. The evidence is there: a bullethole on the glass, a lifeless body travelling forever, a perfect murder.

I like the thinking behind this one. Good work. Think more while drawing!

schlunz's picture

Thanks, Chris! It's got no comments, cause it's got not many hits Shock( The description would have been, "no skin is in", but I thougt, it's not the right time for jokes about death.

christar's picture

I was just joking with the "..." thing. I thought it would be funny because so many people put that in their descriptions. Anyway, this is a striking piece, I can't believe no one else has commented by now. It has that old "Heavy Metal" comic look and feel to it, like it's from some fantastic devasted future, perhaps a biological attack, that left everyone a living zombie. A cool, amd intriguing work. Smile

christar's picture


Art at its best.