The Breath of God by zombie

The Breath of God

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Artwork Stats
Added: Oct 13, 2002
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One of my most involved inkwashes yet. The head is a little wonky, but just pretend it is a really skinny guy.

PLEASE LEAVE CRITS. Pats on the back are worthless for getting better.

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since you want crits, and i know how annoying it can be to not get any, the angle on the portion of the hose that connects to the mask is a little off i think, and the white areas around the hose are a little distracting, you could maybe have darkened them a little, or put the white spaces elsewhere for relief. OK, as far as composition goes, its farly general, maybe he could have been more to one side, or his head could have been bent forward more to create more tension. like you said, the head is a little "wonky" and i think it would have been a more dynamic comp. if the head was bent down more. NOW FOR COMPLIMENTS, i really like the amount that the head is turned in facing us in contrast to the angle of his shoulders. and i really like the detail in is shirt and mask. it is a very beautiful peice, keep up the good work, and keep getting better. I also think it is wise of you to ask for criticism.

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Yeah, I like this one... Sketchy look makes it very vibrant, cool beans!

Guest's picture trashy and cyberpunk. I like this kinda style.

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keep it up!

I guess you seen work by kent williams, your work reminds me a bit of his.

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This is like a Jack Davis type drawing, he's gonna kick soon so replace him ok?

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love it i really like the style keep it up never stop

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wow...there's just something about this image that I really love. I think it's its sketchy type style and ink blotches everywhere. Really completes the image.

Art at its best.