Blaine Flynn Garrett by zombie

Blaine Flynn Garrett

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Artwork Stats
Added: May 12, 2003
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A rare portrait of myself i did for a contest on another site. I am putting this one up since they are re-opening the gallery of souls here. wookie.

PLEASE LEAVE CRITS. Pats on the back are worthless for getting better.

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i love the style of this piece, really, wonderful. for some reason I am especially fond of the ink blotches, they give it that very disordered look. Though, I agree with...uh... whatever that guy up at the top said, the angle of the nose sorta distorts the entire angle of the jawline. But overall I really like it. Would you particularly mind my using this picture to represent and RP character of mine, you look just like him in this picture, and I didnt want to use it without permission. Thanks muchly and very well done. Email:

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I love the mixture of realism along with your loose style, this is wonderful. But I wouldn't have it on my wall, because I would feel like you were watching me Laughing out loud

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Excellent. Love the expression on your face. It looks like you are enraged. You have a savage look in your eyes. Cool!!

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blainer has a pic for gallery of the souls!! i just submit mine a few mins ago..hehe, waiting for them to put up. crits..hmm.lets see
there's something about the 3D ness of the face you know.. its like your nose isn't straight and moves the lower bit of your face to one side...rather than straight..yeahheh Laughing out loud
and you're less evil than you'd like us to think you are..

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Your portrait speaks of a very intriguing person. I really don't think there is anything to critique unless you look like Carey Elwes. Then there would be a problem. As it stands, take this pat on the back gratis.

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this is a good piece. some areas that could be addressed are
--the nose, it's too thin at the bottom
-while i like the erratic style especially with the beard blending in with the body and up the left side of the face. however, the random lines at the hairline and coming off the right side of the face detract from the realism because of their style and darkness. maybe adding some fine hairls like on the right side beard would help blend them in,
-the iris/pupils are too small for the eys they are in. making them larger will add more intensity to his gaze

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u look very much like capitan che..

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oh man this is amazing.. truelly is. i love it. the way u use the brush strokes etc.. amazing i love ink..
wanna find me go to
see ya around Tongue

Art at its best.