Warriors Trophy by allenp

Warriors Trophy

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Added: Jul 12, 2003
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Lok Gime (Lo'Gi) The Mighty stood before his massive army and faced the doomed defenders of East Keep. The fell war-lord held his trophy, the powerful sword 'Fiend Slayer', in his hands and brandished it so all defenders could see. Though what remained of the magic swords runes were greatly diminished when he smashed it and slew the hero that had once held it, it still caused him great pain to hold it so. He could sense it's intense hatred for his kind as it burned through his tough green skin. He endured it's hatred for a good cause...even now as he looked upon his enemy he could see there once defiant shoulders slump forward...there dignified faces now showed fear. Good. Behind him his army stood taller...there taunts even now grow louder and he will have to exert much will to control there battle lust. Today will be a good day to drink the blood of man he thought to himself.

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Hi Terry! Sorry I took so long to respond to your comment...they are always appreciated. I am glad you like this one....it certainly took some effort.

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Thanks! This pic to an extremely long time to finish....I really got bogged down on those details. It makes me glad that they are appreciated!

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Thanks Sean....I like the monochrome stuff to....I just recently relented to pressure and started working in color. I reworked this pic but I'm not certain which I like better. Color will take some getting use to and some comittment on my part.

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Excellent Artwork Allen!

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The armor is very nice, I like each little details too!Manon:-)

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Very nice! I like action.Great detail and I like the monochrome-nice work!

Art at its best.