Guardian by panzersmurf


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Added: Aug 07, 2002
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This is my first "Wacom-made" image. U got to love the pad! ;D

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panzersmurf's picture

He he, thx, Natascha! I will, I will, I'll promise! Wink

kyena's picture

Still really like that picture..always have since I first saw it.
But you need to draw more you slacker Wink

panzersmurf's picture

Thx a lot! It's always a good thing to get new fresh eyes to look at your art, they often fiend things you don't see your self! And thx for telling me what you saw! I must say that you are rigth in your comment about the arms and the black cloathing.

Guest's picture

very nice i like the picture very much though i did have some trouble in telling where her arms seperated from her chest very hard to tell...looks a lot like her arms and black chest covering seem to flow into each other....but very nice indeed and i must agree the sword is good and well its all very appealing. great job Laughing out loud

panzersmurf's picture

He, he, funny you should say that. I did the sword very quic without any more thougths about it, but that's often the best way to do things! ;D

Guest's picture

that is the coolest sword ive seen for a while awsome work i applaud you tallent!?

panzersmurf's picture

Thx! =D

twstdrealty8's picture

The background is a really nice tough. Overalll, really nice image.

panzersmurf's picture

Thx for your words! Laughing out loud

Guest's picture

Imaginative! ^_^ I like the shading on her left leg.. looks like a painting.. awesome. Like the idea of having a chinese styled hat too.. ^_^

panzersmurf's picture

Thx for your nice words! And I have some pictures in progress, so come back soon!)

sammy's picture

This is very awesome, especially for being the first wacom picture. I applaud your talents! Look forward to more from you!

Guest's picture

Wow.....yeah ..gotta love the pad ...she' s great ...I live her face ....and the Big Uglys in the back are just too cool.......well Ciao !

Art at its best.