Birdman by panzersmurf


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Added: Oct 17, 2002
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A druidic warrior.

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ingeborg's picture

Nice picture. I wish I could do armor that well! It looks really great. And the eye of that bird looks so real! I agree that you should fix the swordhand though, and you should update your gallery more often:)

panzersmurf's picture

Thx a lot! Wink

flingling's picture

This is a striking piece! I like the metal, it´s very well done!

panzersmurf's picture

He he! Hva skal jeg si? Tusen takk! =) Alltid hyggelig å få litt skryt!

mcfox's picture

Veldig bra gjennomført!! Mannen inni drakten oser det det onskap(I hvert fall slik jeg ser det). Utrolig mange flotte detaljer. Rustningen er utrolig... tøff, kull, flott(ja hvordan skal man få sakt det).
Det eneste jeg savner litt her er å se mer av bakgrunnen.
Stå på!!!

panzersmurf's picture

Thx, lots of folk think that it's 3D or photos or something, but to tell you the truth I can't do anything with a 3D program! Wink

isenho's picture

woa! from the thumbnail i thought this were 2 photos put together! woa your good. awsome work!

panzersmurf's picture, yes, guess your rigth! Buuhuu Seems to me that the underjaw is a bit to big for the upperjaw! You have a hawkeye! Tongue Thx!

veinglory's picture

A decidedly unglamorous birdman, vbery striking but I eonder whether the two parts of the beak would actually fit together...

panzersmurf's picture

Thank you! Means a lot, comming from a person with your skills!

vengince's picture

Very cool image love the guys face. Nice textures as well.

panzersmurf's picture

Well, thx agin! But u know what? I have to remake the swordhand! ( Sometime....)It's not as good as the rest of the image! Makes it look kinda silly!

twstdrealty8's picture

wow....that realism is awesome! And the idea of the head inside the bird head is cool. But the, that's good.

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