Portrait of a Vampire by emilyjzb

Portrait of a Vampire

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 01, 2003
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"Is she weird
Is she white
Is she promised to the night"

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goad's picture

I like the hair falling over the one eye. And weird as it may be - the reason I clicked on this picture is that little squiggle in the bottom right hand corner. Not that it isn't an arresting picture without the squiggle, but... well, I don't know - odd little details can do a lot for a picture.

Guest's picture

This looks like it might be a self portrait.Am I correct? I got to this site by searching the name de Burca,we are probably distantly related as my family came from Ireland and we have the same last name. Nice work I like it.

emilyjzb's picture

What's written on the picture is really a lot of nonsense. Random song lyrics mostly...

Guest's picture

...saw her? She didn't drink something for a long time...poor girl...or monster...


bobbykro's picture

Superb !!! great piece

Guest's picture

oi creepy! O_o ..i like it though Smile

Guest's picture

i hate you. you're so much better than me...i can never do pictures like that. if i even touch them with paints (yes i know these are digital, but we don't have a scanner, and it's expensive to scan) they're ruined. so i do really good detail in pencil, but on the over all, my pictures suck. BTW, how did you do the chalk writing?

mangalore's picture

Capturing portrait. Great picture. That look is evil. Wonderful picture.

gutomo's picture

I spend my time finding out what did you write on this picture . I'm afraid not to ring the phone and a voice telling me : 7 days !!!
Scary but nice Smile)) but still scary

Guest's picture

This is truly haunting (in a good way) I love it! The mood is just right and it is the way I think of vampires. Good work! - Gothpunk

emilyjzb's picture

I was trying to avoid doing a clichéd vampire, because I really don't think they'd go around advertising that they drink blood!

Guest's picture

Well, that's a fine portrait, but what is really good about it is that she looks like a vampyre without the classic characterstics(teeth, blood running from her mouth etc.)Keep up the good work!

emilyjzb's picture

Yup, fourteen (well, almost 15) ^_^ Thanks so much for your comment! Coming from an amazing artist such as yourself it's a real compliment!

mermalior's picture

Arrrrghhh! I can't believe it! Are you only 14? Terrible!Smile You are awesome talented. Must remember your name!

emilyjzb's picture


emilyjzb's picture

Lol, thanks ^_^ You may feel old- but I feel so small compared to some of the professional people here!
Glad you like the pic!

kenmeyerjr's picture

14????? 14 years old? My god, do I feel old and and the same time see an incredible future for you...nice touch, great mood...wow...14, it kills me!

elven-nell's picture

Lovely picture! Great detail, this piece has impact. Congrats on the ed's pick!

emilyjzb's picture

Thanks! I was going for 'eerie' when I started the pic- I'm glad to know it turned out that way!

somerset's picture

Congratulations on Editor's pick, Emily! such a lovely face, done with a nice eerie feel, great dark brooding colours!

emilyjzb's picture

Ooh, that's a cool idea! Now that I look at it again, I see what you mean...creepy...

terren3i's picture

hehe.. it looks to me like this girl's face is floating out from a school blackboard, chalkboard or whatever you call it.. , creepy Wink

emilyjzb's picture

Thanks ^_^ I'm glad you likes it so much!

Guest's picture

oh...wow....I saw this picture the first time...and then clicked away...but then I kept finding myself going back to it again and again! It's truly haunting and a piece that really stays in your mind.
good job! keep it going!! ^_^

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