Witch by ricsattler


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Added: Aug 14, 2002
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Some kind of a Witch.

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Taking offense at any artwork is silly. We all have different minds, imaginations and views and that is what makes the world vibrant! Please comment on the art itself, not your personal issues. Thanks.

I like this work, particularly the boots...love them! The way the cloak drapes down is fabulous. The only fault I find is something on the left side of the face seems off. ~Raven B.

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lets see...im a witch, yet i am not offended by this piece of art. she isnt ugly and i have long nails. so keep up your work its great.

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*SMILES* well i'm a witch too but i can see what you are trying to convey.... beautiful work... i love all of it....

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Wundervoll Ric Smile

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dude, do u know how creepy it is to be lookin a pics on here where ur alone and find a pic that looks just like u.... wow

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i have some things to say about this picture. 1 the picture has a scary looking face then underneath it has this great looking body. what's the deal? and #2. since i myself am a witch i feel this is making us all out to be ugly with long noses and sharp fingernails. i just wanted to let you know we don't look like this. thank you.

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Ok, the face looks good, but the body needs more work, because "it look lika man" (the famous words from miss Swan from Mad TV).

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Love it...the garb is so unique!

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The facial expression is brilliant ... really looks like a witch.

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Great pic!! It seems the witches are coming... I myself have finish my third painting with witches today.

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The way you have managed to get the cloak look so real, shows your huge talent in painting. The fabric is wonderfully done. The expression on her face is marvellous!

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God I wish I could paint. Color is more inviting I think than charcoals or pencils. This is very beautiful. I love the shading and feel of the image. Very nice.

Art at its best.