Drow Prince by portalrun

Drow Prince

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Artwork Stats
Added: Apr 26, 2003
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Pencils, painted in Photoshop.

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Thanks guest!

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That is a wonderful picture. Just thought I'd give my opinion. I love drows, and RP as one a lot. anyone want to RP ahd have yahoo, IM me at mertian_female_drow

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Hey thanks, Shannon , Im glad you think so...

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Great detail. Beautiful work.

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Thanks Debbie , glad you like the eyes and can notice the details...

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Beautifully evil looking eyes. I love the little details and textures, nice work Smile

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Thanks Lauren, I appreciate all your inspiring comments on my art work , your very nice:)

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I have to agree with everyone else, this is fabulous. My favorite part is the expression, and then the skin color. It reminds me so much of the "dark elves" in Everquest for the skin color of their modules was very much the same. Oi and I like the headband (sorry I can't come up with a better word for it) as well. Excellent detail, excellent work.

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Thanks alot JP , your comments are very inspiring to me, this and siren are some of my fav work, so its huge to me that you like them also, looking forward to seeing more from you, and keeping an eye out for your book....

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From the thumbnail I han no clue how much deatil is in this one very subtle and powerful. This one and the Siren really have something I really like and thats personality, wonderful.

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Hey thanks Bill, Im glad you see some unique touchs here, trying to develope some kind of style...

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That's one very cool looking Drow Tom - Those eyes just follow you everywhere, I think you've definately given this subject you're own unique touch, and of course the rendering is excellent!

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Thank you Mayavan, your comments are very motivating,and well appreciated...

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Great image Tom - very polished, with some lovely details - those jewels are especially nice. The rendering of the face is excellent, and the way the bright red eyes stand out against the dark blues really draws you into them.

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Hello Liptak, Glad you like him and find him drow like ,also thanks for the nice comments there very inspiring...

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WoWaWoow! Great portrait! His eyes are megacool:)) And the hairjewels are great too. He is really drow-like. Grats Tom!

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Hey thanks was going for that kind of look, glad it shows...

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Striking glare, very serious character, well done!

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Hi Marley,for the armour tex, in photoshop I used custom speckeled like brushes,various sizes overlaying each other, combined with airbrush & burn tool...

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Those eyes are seriously evil.May i ask how you created those textures for the armour?.Very striking drow,one of the more memorable ones i have seen Wink

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Hi Christine...

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Lovely drow flesh, indeedy...gotta cook me up a dark elf! You muse, you...

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Hello Ishan,and thanks im glad you see me improving,had alot of fun and learned alot doing this...its good to hear from you...

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Hi Tom Smile Always great to see artwork from you, and particularly when it really looks like you're getting better with digital. I remember how this one started, the areas you've fixed, and it's developed quite a lot since. A very nice piece of character work - I like how you've rendered it to give the feeling he's standing in shadows, which somehow makes the eyes "glow" and leap out! This also adds to his mystique. The choice of colours is superb, as are the details. "Self-reference" can be very useful, particularly portraits, eh? I'm intrigued to see more of the armour. Great work Tom!

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Thanks Dekel...

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brilliant!!! love those eyes! Laughing out loud

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Hey thanks Sean, if I can help you with psp7, let me know , but I think you will like it alot, a very strong tool for an artist I think...

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Nice work Tom,I like a lot of the little details,braids,armor etc.The eyes are real cool.I went through your gallery and you have some really nice stuff going on.I bought a psp7 and I am clueless:)Great work Tom.

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thanks ...

Art at its best.