Fire Child by portalrun

Fire Child

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 25, 2003
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CD cover concept for recording artist Mimi Wyler , pencil study for colored version, tinted in Photoshop.

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portalrun's picture

Thanks , this was fun to do...

queenofchaos's picture

Beautiful piece!

portalrun's picture

Thanks for noticing the details and your nice comments...Smile

Guest's picture

I love the hair, you've put detail into every strand which is a painful and tedius project. Nice work though!

portalrun's picture

Thanks Liptak, Im glad you like her and can notice the details...

mermalior's picture

Great portrait! You have sense for taking details. I like her hair and those snake eyes. Hmmm and her lips are shouting for a passionate kiss Wink

portalrun's picture

Thanks James , great to here from you and glad you liked this....

somerset's picture

Ho ho! Tom! this is so so good, her hair is an amazing piece of work on its own, her face is..well y'know...Hell! second to none pencils, man!

portalrun's picture

Thanks pal, I tinted this in ps with the color balance, pic was done from promo photo of Mimi, thats her..., shes managed by Paul Geary who also manages the rock band Godsmack, Im coloring this right now (almost done)and will be adding final design and some text after I finished with that, going with a zodiac theme...Fire Child in reference to her star sign Leo (a fire sign),and she does look like a fantasy character out of a movie(Conans Mother), shes done alot of modeling... thanks again for the nice comments and your interest Ishan...

Guest's picture

Hey Tom! This is fabulous pencil work! Did you use coloured pencil or tint it in PS? She has a very beautiful face, with some nice details, the hair is truly amazing! Is this what Mimi looks like - did you work from a photo? She's slightly reminiscent of Conan's mother in the first movie... Is this the extent of the image, or do you plan on adding more going on around her? Superb work!

portalrun's picture

Thanks Bill, the hair did take awhile , Im coloring it now , also trying to fin up my entry for the JP&KM challenge, so keeping busy, appreciate your nice comments pal...

bcorbett67's picture

The shading is so good Tom, I really envy your patience. Really good touches with the eyes, and the pentagram headband. That hair must have taken you ages to draw - always good to see your new work Smile

portalrun's picture

Thanks for the nice comments Manon....glad you see the eyes that way , was tring for that kind of look...

portalrun's picture

Thanks Sean, and yes this was done on smooth bristol, will be coloring it in photoshop and adding rest of design for a finish...

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Her eyes are very nice and 'captivant'!
The forehead, is so beautiful, nice lips too!Manon:-)

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As I said at the other place-very cool!You really got some nice subtle tonal values in the face,very soft.I like the eyes,very reptilian.Did you do this on bristol board?Good work Tom!

Art at its best.