Fire Child (colored) by portalrun

Fire Child (colored)

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Artwork Stats
Added: Aug 10, 2003
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Part of CD cover art for recording artist Mimi Wyler, pencils painted in Photoshop.

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portalrun's picture

Was meant to be more a sun goddess, then a moon goddess... but without the title Fire Child, she could be viewed that way (moon goddess)....the image was for cd cover art..

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Is this image of Lona?

portalrun's picture

Thanks Sammy, eyes can tell alot sometimes...

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shes beautiful her eyes tell you her story .shes had a hard life. your painting is so realistic

portalrun's picture

Thanks Scott, Im very inspired by your comments on this...

sdavis123061's picture

Another beauty Tom. I love the intensity of her expression. Great rendering on the hair and those pouty lips are perfect. I think what you said in response to the comment I left on your "Siren" piece is right, we do share the same taste. Great work Tom, she's stunning.

portalrun's picture

Thank you Nina Smile

Guest's picture

this is very good. i love the head peice. lovely. love the eyes. she very pretty. nina

portalrun's picture

Hey thats great! I think you'll have a blast with photoshop...

griffingirl's picture

Cool....I just got Photoshop, and I'm really eager to figure out how to color my goodies!

portalrun's picture

Hey thanks J.P., her cd should be out in feb. or early spring sometime, she has a great voice, check it out if you get a chance...

vengince's picture

Great rendering Tom, those lips are killer.

portalrun's picture

Hey thanks Marisa ,really glad to hear this catches your eye...

darksarcasm8's picture

This image definitely captures the viewers eye... and those eyes make you take a second (and third) look... Fabulously done all around. I do wish that her hair didnt cover so much of her left cheek... but she looks awesome with it there, as well... Ver Nice work, Tom! Cant wait to see more!

portalrun's picture

Thanks Emily , glad the eye's are noticable...

veinglory's picture

The cat's eye pupil are a nice touch -- amkes her very eerie.

portalrun's picture

Thanks Patrick , Im glad you find it noticable , and am very inspired by your comments on this....

megaflow's picture

Really, really good stuff! If this doesn't grab someones eye as a CD cover, I don't know what will. Very compelling and well-rendered.

portalrun's picture

Hey thanks Sean, now all I got left is the outside graphics surrounding the pic, still have a little time to mess with it... glad you could see the added detail....

portalrun's picture

Hi Ishan, and thanks, glad you find the headband adding to realism , great to hear from you and appreciate your support pal...

portalrun's picture

Steve , thanks, these are very incouraging words for me , and a great boost coming from someone who's works I look to for guidance.....

pageaxe's picture

Since I got to see the color version in progress,I liked it then.And now I see you added much more detail to the hair and overall detail as well-Great job Tom!

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I agree with Bill, the colours have added another dimension to this - a more solid look, particularly the metal of the head-band, which adds that little bit more realism. Great work Tom!

sferris's picture

Tom. This is great work!
Proud of you buddy. Coming along very nicely with your technique.

portalrun's picture

Thanks James , your comments are always inspiring , good to know the details are noticed...

somerset's picture

Great colour work, Tom! especially her eyes and lips, the later have a lovely soft look to them, the original b/w was excellent and this one is EXCELLENT!

portalrun's picture

Thanks ,Manon , this version is a very true likeness to Mimi...

Guest's picture

I like in b&w, but like that, her eyes, and everythings, are again very nice!

portalrun's picture

Thanks Bill, glad you think so ....

bcorbett67's picture

You've done a great job coloring this one Tom!! I love the expression and the skin tones are so warm.

Art at its best.