Dragon Blessed by portalrun

Dragon Blessed

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 01, 2004
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Pencil study for painting.

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portalrun's picture

Thank you for the nice compliments...

Guest's picture

I love this so much. Your details and body structures are excellent. Honestly, I don't see why you want to paint it, but I'm sure it will look great. I wanna see it painted too.

portalrun's picture

Thanks Mike, pencils are fun, glad you like this...

Guest's picture

Hey, just stopped in from Bitfrost- All I can say is- Stunning!! I always love good pencil work, and it's my favorite medium to work in. Check me out in Elfwood gallery 494

portalrun's picture

Thanks, the colored version is almost done , have not had any time for my own stuff lately...

portalrun's picture

Thanks Carina, good to hear from you, the colored version should be much clearer and easier to make out...

aranor's picture

Wow, what a great drawing. I'm looking forward seeing it painted Smile

chalcara's picture

The girl and the dragon have a wonderful 3d quality. I especially like the shadows the hair casts on her chest - to often such small details are forgotten. Smile

My only crit would be the snout - is it in front of the girl? Or is the dragon fusing with her? I can't recognize it, but maybe my brain is to slow today. ^^

But it's a VERY beautiful image.

portalrun's picture

Thanks Erica, this was done on common sketch paper, glad you like it...

portalrun's picture

Thank you, thats a great compliment:)

Guest's picture

Beautiful work! The background looks so simple but your use of soft lines and hard lines makes it so interesting to look at. What type of paper do you use?

Guest's picture

Fantastic Piece! (Fellow Bifrost member.) Love the contours. Reminiscent of Vallejo! Lovely, Lovely Work!

portalrun's picture

Thanks Abigail, good to hear the details are noticed Smile

abigailryder's picture

Yaaoooowza! Love it, down to the detailed shadows of the strands of hair. You don't forget anything, do you?!

portalrun's picture

Im going to do the coloring in photoshop , so the original pencil work wont be touched, and thanks for the nice comments on this, there very inspiring...

thejeff's picture

i am with jessica. it would be hard to paint over a pencil work of mine that turned out so well. excellent values and flow.

portalrun's picture

Thanks Jessica, Im going to color this in photoshop, so hopefully I can retain alot of the texture, very pleased you like this Smile

Guest's picture

wowzers, if my pencil work looked like this i would never paint over it! what texture! Smile

portalrun's picture

How are you J.P., one of the benifits from the gym-plenty of models! really glad you like this, thanks for the great compliment pal...and looking forward to see what you come up with (art) next

vengince's picture

Damn Tom your deadly good with that pencil man! please dont tell me this a model you know she's real sweet. Great details as well I love the soft background creates more depth.

portalrun's picture

Thanks pal Im very flatterd, glad you stopped by...

somerset's picture

Man, your work is such an inspiration, Tom! can't wait to see the painted version...but really, this stands beautifuly on its own!

portalrun's picture

Thank you Marilyn, glad you like this...

blueunicorn's picture

This is great, Tom! That dragon is awesome and the background is a wonderful touch.

portalrun's picture

Hey thanks Patrick, Im glad you can see improvement, its a big push for me , thanks for noticing pal...

megaflow's picture

Outstanding! The design and rendering are up too your usual standards, and your character work just continues to improve. Can't wait to see the final.

portalrun's picture

Hey thanks man , glad you like it...

portalrun's picture

Thanks for nice comment Jenny:)

paata's picture

Very nice image.Cool pencil drawing technique...

goldseven's picture

Beautiful pencil work! I love the soft shading!

Art at its best.