Crimson Tears by nivbed

Crimson Tears

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Artwork Stats
Added: Aug 16, 2002
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Artwork Description

The sky cried crimson tears, and Yar found himself lost yet again.

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bladeofgrass's picture

Oh, my! the level of emotion in this image is overwhelming. Hope the poor creature will find the way home, it is not very happy to be lost on such a nice day...

Guest's picture

You make the area you work in look very vast! Your sense of depth puts me to shame!

nivbed's picture

Thanks guys, this pic and the "Rooting . . ." picture are part of a series of pictures I plan to do in some sort of a story format. The blue bunny happens to be one the characters. His name is Yar.

Thanks everyone. Smile

belgurdo's picture

What's really amazing is how real it looks. I wanna ride those ships...

sferris's picture

Like that "Eye in the Sky" Very nice work.

Guest's picture

"Wild and Wispy". I love it. The blue bunny sure is weird too. LOL

bc1967's picture

Really nice use of light, color, and perspective. Very Nice!

ddoved's picture

this image is simply captivatingly stunning! amazing work... Tongue

megaflow's picture

Great!! I love the perspective, the reflected warm colors in the blimps, and the characters... and yeah, what's up with the blue bunny? You're blowing my mind, man...

gecky's picture

Is it.. a story about a rabbit? A blue rabbit? Hehehe. Silly rabbit.

somk's picture

splendid colours, very soft light, I just love. Miyazaki paintings come to mind but your style is your own Laughing out loud More !

Guest's picture

The quality of your work, and how much you've refined your style is amazing. A true artist.

swisnie's picture

Justin, I like your soft, muted color choice.

aridante's picture

I love images that have that lovely airy, atmospheric quality, the kind of majesty that makes you go "WOW!" Beautiful imagery in this image!

Art at its best.