Feylin, the Fireelf by mangalore

Feylin, the Fireelf

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Added: Aug 19, 2002
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Artwork Description

Feylin, the Fire elf. A female elven adventure exploring the depths of some unknown dwarven caverns.
Tablet and Photoshop.
Inspiration from a Tomb Raider wallpaper which set the mood and setting and obviously also some of her facial features.

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She's a toon now.

mangalore's picture

This work was based off a wallpaper from the movie although any resemblance than in mood and composition were not intentionally.

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i love the picture but i think your elf looks like lara croft, i probly spelled her name wrong.

curaniel's picture

So that's where the phrase "like a hot knife through butter" originates.

lew's picture

She expresses what I felt while surfing on your gallery. & I like her eyes. (Sorry for not writing more comments... I'm so tired today...)

mangalore's picture

It's no FanArt or something similar so why should it get rejected? Otherwise I never denied that the inspiration is from a Tomb Raider photo, for political correctness I added it to the descripion.

sharpbeak's picture

First thing to pop into my head was "that's a scene from Tomb Raider" then i took a closer look and realized it was a bit different. Still pretty close to the original though.

Not that it looks bad, (looks great actually) but it's a dead ringer for the scene. I'm a little surprised it was accepted.

erikathorpe's picture

Excellent work on the flames, and detail on the walls of the cavern.

thrax-1's picture

woow,those eyes are magnificint.her clothing is suitably simple,as opposed to a detailed backdrop.nice 1

mangalore's picture

Thanks! Two comments in a row must mean something.

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ohhhhhhhhh Beautiful! this is very cool!

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ohhhhhhhhhh very cool! you are an awesome artist!

mangalore's picture

Hmmm... loking at it again I think myself that my endurance suffered from left to right. It gets more blurry in the right part, luckily it fits the light... I guess the face nearly killed me, so much tweaking and so little gain!

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Very nice..I really like the hair....the glint on it is fantastic and I like the movement in the blur...great eyes...
I think you could have defined the mouth and nose a bit...That little indentation on the upper lip maybe accentuated a little more and the nose would have just a touch more highlight up it rather then all on the tip...me thinks...anyway...
But it looks great...nice work.

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a fantasy eqivelent to tomb raider

mangalore's picture

Angelina Jolie, yeah. I took her as reference because I stumbled over an outstanding wallpaper that put this picture into my head. Though I hope that it is not that obvious as it seems *worried* Used it mainly during scene setup.
For the eyes, well, she is an elf, she should have eyes that make you think. Wink

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Hi Holger
Referenz ... Angelique Jolie? sieht so aus, den augen, lippen, kin das gesischt halt. Colours are striking really active and alive ... fighting a thought here ... trying to figure out the gleam in her eyes, is it fear or maybe she's just got some captivating eyes that have been set alive by here sword? but this is good when a picture makes you contemplate what, when, where and why it's a good picture.

mangalore's picture

That ... might be possible. Wink

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wow, it looks great! that fire is very catching =D she reminds me of the girl who played in tomb raider *smiles*

mangalore's picture

yeah, a few things you've suggested(I hope the eyes are better now!) and esspecially I took care that the edges are not blurred after the resizing...

santi's picture

Hey, look who's here, welcome Holger! Laughing out loud You already know what I think of this one so...

By the way, I see you've changed some things already.

Art at its best.