Xánán Aváthé Styrás by mangalore

Xánán Aváthé Styrás

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Artwork Stats
Added: Nov 13, 2002
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(roughly translated: "dreaming elven beauty")
Deep within the dark jungles of the "Emerald Woods" lie the cities of the Coórhem, the Nightelves. Given the same grace and beauty as the rest of the Elven kind, they nevertheless strive for more of everything and so they dream in the dark shadows of the "Emerald Woods" always longing for more...
This elf is one of them living in the city of Seraia in the midst of the Crystal woods.

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mangalore's picture

She's a darkelf. They're always a bit rough thus the brush strokes! Wink But thanks for the nevertheless positive feedback.

Guest's picture

I think you wanted this girl to look a bit erotic in a way.
Erotic means for me (when talking about a lady): smooth.
The shading on her belly almost look scratched and very rough. I would prefer it to be a bit smoother (just like the pants). As a contrast, the scratched, hard shadows could be on her jacket.
But alltogether: a great picture!

sooj's picture

woooh!!! this is really beautiful! and the detail is sweet! wonderful colors too

erikathorpe's picture

Beautiful work, excellent attention to detail.

mangalore's picture

No problem with that! Smile
Though my art has not been compared to manga style I've to admit that I tend to generalize facial features that cause a "cartoonish" look. I try to switch it off but I haven't succeeded in it, just yet. With not recognizing my style do you mean my human figures look very different from pic to pic or just not a determined style like Manga<->Realism?

dareevan's picture

You were very good on coloring. I admit it. Sure. But, i found that you haven't found your style in drawing human figure. I don't know, maybe it just my thought, but i didn't recognize your style. I see it looks like manga style face, but also have the proportion of european drawing. But, if you intentd this pic to be a manga picture, i think that's okay with all i mention above. Smile sorry, i think people should hear some criticsm a little. it is a good way to improvement.Smile Good job, Holger

deadspirit6's picture

Cool style. The attire looks awesome.

Guest's picture

Holger! nice work! Thanks for post a message in my gallery; I´m glad you like it.
Keep working! I like your style ^___^

mangalore's picture

Yes, I chose green and purple to get away from my blue<->orange pictures. I'm also still experimenting with best colours and lighting. Hope this means I'm at least on the right track. Smile

mangalore's picture

Thanks alot! I'm kind of proud of how she turned out though I still miss the details I wish I'd be able to add.

lilblue's picture

wow , beautiful dreamer, thank you

Guest's picture

I readlly like this a lot! The way you used purple to contrast in her collar, hair feathers and even the lipstick is great, but is especially wonderful in her leather pants. They are luminous! And the goldy-green color of the pillar and background building is very striking as well. Great job!

Art at its best.