The War to end all Wars by mangalore

The War to end all Wars

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Added: Aug 24, 2003
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"Carthage waged three wars.
After the first one it was still great,
after the second one it still existed,
after the third one it had disappeared."

(free translation after Bertold Brecht, German author)

My entry to the Future of War contest.

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Guest's picture

Excelent work, the dark colors, signals death and destruction and I guess that is what you wanted.

mangalore's picture

Thanks. Was already wondering what your former post was meant to mean. Wink I'm glad yu like it!

isenho's picture

ah your right! It is indeed a message system mess-up. As I was saying, I love the effects and environment. The background nukes are very stylish. Great job!

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mangalore's picture

thanks, Marley. Yours is great, too. There were several great entries now.

thrax-1's picture

gnarrr!!they're lying i tell you!!. :)hehe j/k.This is quite an ambient piece.the rough texture and random shapes of the piece i.e,the debris,has quite an apocalyptic feel,much like in a terminator movie Tongue..heh.Tis a fine piece Holger love the lightsourcing especials ^^*

mangalore's picture

The name, well, got some inspiration from an Animatrix movie for that. Yeah, like everything good, I stole it. Though the original says something different, only the word structure is the same.

mangalore's picture

Thanks. The idea worked out pretty well, I think. I do very little monochromatic pictures so it was also some kind of test how I'll fare.

mangalore's picture

We'll see. Thanks for your visit, Anneke! Smile

santi's picture

Love the lightning, and how it marks the different depths. Great picture!

Guest's picture

what a great name... I can just see it coming.
the pic and the colors are beautiful you deserve to win!

abroenink's picture

Wow it's great! I think you will winn!
The colours are wonderful.

Art at its best.