"Here" by bc1967


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Added: Sep 12, 2002
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There's a story here, just not sure what it is.
Any suggestions?
Also, I'm considering making a limited number of prints of this painting. Is there any interest?

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>_< The text went black, for some reason, so if you want to see my comment, I'm afraid you'll have to highlight it. Hello, I'm the Epilogue village idiot. Tongue ~ACB

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"... 'tis here, my lady. As you commanded." "Hssst! Keep it hidden, you fool. If the Rovers sense its presence here, it will mean both our heads." She moved quickly, clasping her hand quickly over the undulating sphere of sickly-green light. "Its presence in the City must remain our secret, Sir Abraes." "Aye, Lady." He nodded solemnly, his hand only lightly touching hers. "I shall guard the secret with my life."

Medria nodded, smiling just slightly as she cupped her hands, taking the mysterious object from her knight. "Gods willing, it shall not come to that. This tiny whisp will show the Prelate what their blindness could cost..."

[Hee. You asked for it. Wink It's a lovely painting. The detail work is just wonderful. Congratulations. By the way, feel free to change any names. ;P]


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Fantastic painting! Great colors and imagery- I especially like how the costumes look more fantasy while the setting is obviously sci-fi. You're right, I could create novel based on this pic!

Art at its best.