Rest and Relaxation by twstdrealty8

Rest and Relaxation

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Artwork Stats
Added: Aug 24, 2002
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16 x 20", oil-painted frame
-After a tiresome day of running, living, and flying; He enters a realm of resting, relaxing, and sighing.

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krahl's picture

Superb work almost photorealist on the vegetation ! A magic work !

faeria's picture

wow...very vibrant and dreamy!

twstdrealty8's picture

Thank you! Smile

destinyfall's picture

ohh this is lovely! very well done!

twstdrealty8's picture

Thanks! Yea, there's usually a spider web in every one of my pieces because it incorporates my signiture. I always like thes lady bug on the top left. Smile

vengince's picture

What a sweet picture I love it. All your images have this sincerity about them and this innocence lovely Marcela I love the spiderweb on the bottom right.

parl-sky's picture

relaxing indeed. nice vivid colors.

twstdrealty8's picture

bizzare mix of reality and style? Could it be a....Twisted Reality?? (i.e. the name of my website/art style) Smile Thanks, you're proof that the my "twisted reality" style exists since you can describe it. Smile

ana's picture

Wow, wow, that's queer! I like it. It has this bizarre mix of reality on the back and stylized images in front - awsome! Makes one go in circles around the painting... Terrific!

twstdrealty8's picture

hehe, amazingly i never notice a smell for them. Now acrylics...THOSE are stinky! Smile

Guest's picture

this is great ^-^, especially the water.. and you did it in oils >_< and those are stinky!@ well done

candlelight's picture

Beautiful blue colour, great harmony, and the fairy is very cute.

twstdrealty8's picture

Thank you. Although young, I somtimes think I am old fashioned when it comes to art. Smile Also, I should thank Bob Ross and his Saturday morning tv shows that I used to watch when I was 9 for that background foliage. Smile

richard's picture

It's nice to see that someone is getting into oils early rather than computer generated stuff, which there seems to be a tonne of at the moment. Some very nice tranquil colours on the piece, and the background foilage is great.

djinn's picture

Ahh I remember this one from your private gallery. Lovely colours, the style reminds me of the wall painting in the "free city" Christiania in Copenhagen. As I mentioned in the forums, your work has a nice surrealistic feel to it.

Guest's picture

I love the scenery! Looks great Wink

verito's picture

Great use of colour, it looks so smooth and flowing. I love the attention to detail in the vegetation and the fish. Beautiful.

twstdrealty8's picture

Thank you! I just enjoy color. I think it has to deal with my mexican background.

megaflow's picture

No comments yet? Wink Well, I like your work, it shows a lot of promise - nice colors and attention to detail.

Art at its best.