Fire Flies by callista

Fire Flies

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Added: Aug 25, 2002
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My faeries burn everything. True fireflies. When you see the flicker, you run. 'You used to catch them?' 'And put them in bottles. We would punch holes in the top, and they would light up our rooms for hours until the stars died, and they followed soon after.'

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Egg heads need to get out of the bubble and see the real world. I live in Wisconsin and walked outside with my dog(Yorkie-Poo) Sat in my front yard and enjoyed hundreds of fire flies. Heard on the news that thay believe that they are disappearing. They need to get out of the smog, pollution & "dah" the city and see what is real. I just saw hundreds & they were beautiful. Degree's amd book smarts will never do you what the experience will. A step backwards will rock your world. B - On -1

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I could disappear in this picture in search of my childhood, and summer time. Wonderful! We were together in Synestesie, the exhibition in Lallihome-Varrena-Lake Como this summer, you know!

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I love this most of your gallery. It is just too cute Smile

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This is one of the better pictures I have seen at epilogue... you have a definitive talent, please don't let it fall to waste... i find this picture well composed, and I agree with Becka B; it looks very much like flash photography. well done..

lbc xo

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Looks like a flash photo, everything at the front is lit up but anything past a foot is lost to darkness, apart from the faeries of course, realy lovely, hope to see more:)

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Hmm, although this kinda looks odd....I think the overall composition of everything. What I thought looked odd was the black black dark background and the white bright girl. It seems like they're in differen't places and pasted together. I would liek to say that I do think everything was done nicely but the lighting confuses me. I also liek the spontaneous white flowers to the left. Nice work.

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So beautiful!

Art at its best.