The Black Cat by scarecrow63

The Black Cat

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Added: Aug 27, 2002
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From the E.A.Poe tale.

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somewhat reminds me of clive barker's work from "abarat"...only with a harder, creepier edge. and i love that story, too. awesome pic!

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Extremely cool. I love it !

scarecrow63's picture

Now don't be starting that "Little Grant" thing! It took me almost 30 years to lose that nickname.

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I think my two words for this would be "Smelly Cat" hehe I remember as a child taking trips to the basement of your parents home to see your latest and greatest. What a treat that was and this is! You're amazing Little Grant...... Michele Snyder Bolton

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I drew one like that. i like the kitty. *is chewing on something round and green with a black stripe down the middle*
email me at

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i love this one and i love the tale of Poe Smile

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Creepy? Not at all. Creepy is when you see a guy in a glass coffin with cockroaches crawling out his ears and springs bolting threw his cheeks. humm. I think I will paint that.

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Its Edgar Allen Poe, I love you .::Revy

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I can see beauty and madness. Your work has the same quality Poe's has. I am a former Literature teacher so this a compliment, of course. Keep the good job!

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Thanks everyone. This one is one of my best sellers at the convention art-shows, and it's definitely one of my favorites. I really wanted to capture Poe's remarkable affinity for conveying madness, from the inside out.

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I find this comforting some how, call me morbid. Is it the teeth which remind me of a horse? Or is it the kitty. Either way, your style is so unique to you, super keen, and I can't wait to see more.

~Melissa Fujimoto

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Okay, this one's going to give me nightmares. I like the use of texture and the monochromatic pallet. This is just too strange for words. Great work!

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MAN! Im totally in love with the awesome quality of your work! its twisted gritty and just rocks! post more for the love of Goth!

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crazy & textured, I love it

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amazing and creepy. very nice work! Tongue

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I read that story, I was actually thinking about doing a picture about it. This drawing is good and scarier than the book.

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Oh, my goodness. Two words for this...."Creepy" and "Good" So keep up the creepy work. Smile

Art at its best.