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Added: Sep 05, 2002
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The first nightmare I can recall as a boy. My father had taken me to work with him. We were sitting in a customer waiting area and in the center of the room was a tall, ominous looking scarecrow. I walked up to it, circled it with curiosity, then suddenly it reached out and grabbed me by the throat, strangling me. Paging Doctor Freud!

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This is just Awesome!!!

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Wonderfull work! My favorit piece of your art!

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wow MAN that's some awesome texture there! I love the idea of the doll/baby face on this huge dark mechanical body, together with the old-school grungy feeling it makes a bloody fantastic piece of art Smile

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Amazing work

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I like the grungy/dirty style & the rather monochrome colour &.. well, everything about it!

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This is absolutely fantastic! I truly enjoy your style and your powerful creativity!

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i am in love with this picture! I love the painting technique and all those little details

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BEAUTIFUL peice. Really. This just screams beauty. Laughing out loud

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Its great Work. It shows something real evil. Very good dark atmosphere!!

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This quite possibly the best scarecrow I've ever seen. I thought I'd already posted a comment here, although I have been forcing people to look at it ever since you posted it.

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This is a B&W acrylic painting that is only colored in PhotoShop. The textures were created by gluing pieces from plastic model kits, along with bits of string and wood, to the plywood board.

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you submitted this the same day my school started. it fits quite nicely. you've gotta tell me how you get this texture! i have photoshop and i'm a loser at texture

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Very nice work! the scarecrow looks an eerie insomniac baby! Smile

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Wow, fantastic! Very Giger-esque!

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wow! i really like this eerie charakters,do you know Joachim Luetke?take a look,i think you would like his art...p.s.i like this muddy stroke textures...

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Very nice colour scheme! The scarescrow is rather eerie, like a mummified baby controlled by all the little mechanical parts. You managed the hit the feel of old mechanics really well, I can almost smell the metal, old oil and rust.

Art at its best.