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Added: Oct 01, 2003
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Winner of the "Gift of Magic" contest, here at Epilogue.

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scarecrow63's picture

PhotoShop 6. I have 7 but I've never loaded it. I'm pretty un-interested in upgrades and improvements. If something works, I'll use it till it breaks down. Glad you like!

sade's picture

whooo. wonderfull arts.. my favourite is she, and the Death-like thing.
Which program you use?

scarecrow63's picture

Aw shucks! Thanks Sis.

scarecrow63's picture

Well, if I ever upgrade, you can have this one!

thrax-1's picture

HAH! at least you have a scanner Tongue.

Guest's picture

Hey, Sweetie, this is beautiful! You make me proud (and humbled) to share your genes. Laughing out loud Congratulations! Your Sis

scarecrow63's picture

Thanks Marley. Yeah, it's a bit of everything. A lot of the background is photo's and clip art.The face and dress I drew in pencil. The hair and hands are photos from magazines. The body is a Barbie doll. All real low tech. My little scanner is only 9x12, so I work with what I can.

thrax-1's picture

Grant! congratulations on winning the contest.Tis a fine piece you have here.Is this a bit of photomanipulation?It does have a neat ambience about it!coolness..

jenr8r's picture

so colorful! this is geourgeous grant! great work! Laughing out loud

goddessart's picture

This is a wonderful piece, Grant!

somerset's picture

Brilliant, Grant! I like this kinda stuff from you, strange and fantastic with amazing detail, the colours and textures are pretty smart too!

scarecrow63's picture

Yeah, it is different. If you look at the 3 pieces I've done for the contests, you'll notice they all reflect a style that differs from my other stuff. I think it's 'cause the subject matter of the contests is different from the kind of stuff I do, and my style tends to be influenced by subject matter. So it's fun to do these and be forced to stretch a little.

scarecrow63's picture

Hey - I like NICE colors too! Actually, hadn't noticed the wing effect until you mentioned it.

Guest's picture

Omigod - is that PURPLE?! In a Grant Fuhst painting? *blink blink* (SOrry Grant, gotta pick Smile) This is nonetheless a great piece, particularly the way you've incorporated the architecture to mimic wings and the color and texture of her dress is fabu. Very cool! Good luck with the contest.

elneskog's picture

I must say that Bill is correct..very differet from your other style. cool piece Grant! I love the work you did on that floor. great job! // Silverdove

bcorbett67's picture

Nice work Grant, it's a bit different to your other stuff.

Art at its best.