The King's Advisor by mckenna

The King's Advisor

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Artwork Stats
Added: Aug 27, 2002
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Fully painted in Photoshop, this image was for the Warrior Kings computer game.

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Guest's picture

Hey, I'm a BIG fan of Edmund Blair Leighton and this painting looks very much like the atmosphere he used to create in his art. It's a bit darker and that makes it look more yours, it gives it more identity but I'm amazed at the versatility you have. Nice powers superboy... I wish I could create such elaborate paintings. My sketches are so different than this... hmmm... a different style I guess. I know everybody says "keep up the good work" but I honestly want you to stop... PLEASE STOP POSTING THESE... I'll never get accepted in epilogue if you keep this up!!... hehehee... nah, I'm amazed, kuddos!

k-t-roo's picture

oh i like this, the advisor looks like hes up to no good(reminds me a bit of how i imagine wormtounge from LOTR) its a lovely pic, the characters look so realistic, and i love the rich colours. great work

isenho's picture

woa, this looks so much like a painting (non digital) great job here. i love the lighting

twstdrealty8's picture

your realism is simply amazing! Especially to be all done in photoshop. Great work.

Guest's picture

*giggles* Guess why this is my fav pic in your gallery...

lunargirl's picture

Cripes! all of your stuff is amazing Laughing out loud

mckenna's picture

I'm really glad you've all enjoyed the pic, thank you for the kind words. Credit must also go to my friends Duncan and Rob who posed for this painting, each posing seperately and wearing Rob's dressing gown for costume reference!

hauntess's picture

Let me take my hat off before the amazing artist. You are truly an inspiration, and your work makes me want to work harder to acheive at least tenth of the skill you have. And not only skill, but spirit and passion that is reflected in your work.

vera-lucia's picture

It seems the advisor is an evil one. Very realistic and beautiful.

mermalior's picture

Wow!!! Looks like a handpainted pic! Nice work!

Art at its best.