Yume by berrykeen


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Added: Aug 30, 2002
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Yume the fairy.

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I actually quite like that bodytype, beautiful legs altho i wouldn't have commented had someone not pointed it out:">. How do you get the overall picture so clean? It drives me insane trying, so i gave up,lol. The wings are beautiful btw, i like this one a lot, the attention to detail especially. ty for posting:)....... minion

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I agree Leah, her legs are nowhere near fat. I like'em the way they are. Great piece. I really like the way thet the arms are in counterbalance to the wings behind them. The arms are at an equal angle to the wings

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I luv the pic and the legs are not fat they match with the body, i like it a lot Wink

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The legs are too FAT?! They would look VERY off if they WERE skinnier. They match perfectly with the shape of the arms. I guess the person who posted about the legs doesn't get exposed to what females actually look like all that often, huh? Wink

Anyways, the body looks WONDERFUL. It is very well proportioned - GREAT JOB.

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This picture has a wonderful graphic feeling ! The background and the wings which almost touch the borders are really original and the flat shading suits the style very well !
I too think that her legs are just right ! Normally the chest would be too small but if you go for a stylized look its ok.

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her legs arn't fat that last coment realy insulted me. U GO! what realy bothers me is that my legs are just about that size:( I love that tatoo on her face and i love her hair and it's body oh and their seems to be a sort of walter reflection like patern in her wings verry prety

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Actually, I do take offence. I'm not here to draw pretty, super-skinny girls for you. Her legs aren't fat.

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No offence Pat, but her legs are REALLY quite fat! Next time slim down thunder thighs. C ya...to be continued

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ooh! fantastic use of Illustrator! ^^ I just can't get the hang of that program... but you did a wonderful job. Laughing out loud

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Duuuuuude... and I thought I was a halfway decent artist... Ah well, can't be helped. I love that hair! Whenever I try to do hair like that, ,it looks like crap. Keep up the good work!

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ahh it's great! I just luv her hair and eyes, and ooooh I STILL don't get how you guys can get it to look so CLEAN

Art at its best.