seaserpent by sevencrows


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Added: Jan 18, 2003
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one day a 60foot sperm whale was hunting for a gaint squid. The whale found a gaint, but it was no squid...

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this is just awesome! I don't know where your inspiration is coming from but this picture is gold! Wow!

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woa thats why i stay away from the sea when its angry. Nice work!

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great concept man, i love the atmosphere

sevencrows's picture

i use brush textures that i make or download.really useful but it takes the right texture to make it fit so i play around with the types of textures a bit

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gosh lovely texture on the this in photoshop?? how did you get that spotted brush effect?i like it Laughing out loud

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Whale as light snack ? Impressive. I wouldn't have put the whale staring straing at the serpent though, the whale passing by and being eyed by the serpent would have made the scene more natural.

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Wild man.
It could be the legendary Krakebn perhaps.

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well i forgot to put 60 feet .to the sea serpent the whale is small that what i was going for. something naturally big becomes small :)i know it cound be alittle confusing ..hehe the whale actually looks like a minno to me sometimes.but thats just the idea of the pic i think

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It took me a moment to get the context. For some reason my initial thought was that the surface of the water looked wrong before I realized that was the ocean floor. Don't know why. My second thought was poor little whale, but then I realized that little whale doesn't really make sense Cool. Great pic.

Art at its best.