Baby leaf dragons first attack by sevencrows

Baby leaf dragons  first attack

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Added: Jun 19, 2003
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Here is a mother leaf dragon teaching the baby leaf dragon to fight off bugs

"mommy get this off of me!!!!!"

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you are one of a kind!is your art for sale!!break a leg good fortune to you

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What delicious looking berries... Cute idea, lovely caterpillar and adorable ladybug.

sevencrows's picture

just trying to find more simple and faster ways to make them without putting a load of detail in them .maybe one day i will make a leaf dragon site Smile

portalrun's picture

They keep getting better, soon you will be known as dragon master of the leave dragons, great work and detail Michael...

sevencrows's picture

yes thats suppose to be a lady bug. the mother is teaching to dragon to fight things off and the baby is scared.
thanx for liking this picture .hopfully im going to make more

thrax-1's picture

woow,what an intriguing the little baby dragon,on his first attempt to catch a ladybug??or the caterpillar?.whatever,it works a treat.the parents leafwings are awesome.Fnatastic michael

sevencrows's picture

trying new ways, thanx for commenting

arikla's picture

I think these are the most realistic leaves you have done to date. Quite touchable! Bravo Smile

sevencrows's picture

thanx ,yeah im finding better ways to make the leaves.i want them to be cute Smile

chrissyk's picture

I love the grass, and the leaves are WOW! The dragons are just so adorable!

sevencrows's picture

thanx patrick ,im trying hard to master my leafdragons.yeah i want personality on my dragon to make it more interesting. maybe thats why i like this picture more then my others..

sevencrows's picture

i do love them. its rare to find leafdragons on the net and i want to make them more known Smile and of course to be known for making Laughing out loud

sevencrows's picture

thanx for the nice comment

megaflow's picture

It's wonderful! Lots of subtle color variations with reds complimenting the green - looks great. The dragons both have lots of personality too. Also, nifty textures on the leaves and berries.

bcorbett67's picture

Hi Michael, I get the feeling you really love these little leaf dragons of yours! You've put a lot into those leaf textures, you can almost feel it. Nice stuff (as ever) - keep it up Smile

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Awwwwww how cute! I love your leaf dragon pieces:)

Art at its best.