Kaya Faolen Takashi by alithiel

Kaya Faolen Takashi

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Artwork Stats
Added: Sep 22, 2002
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Artwork Description

The High Mage of the country of Ardith, he is generally known as Faolen. Few people are aware of his true first name. Currently the most powerful mage living, he is one of the most feared people alive.

Since I drew this picture, his design has been redone so that his outfit is black and silver, rather than black and gold.

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OOOH scarey!! he looks like he could jump out of my computer and rip my face off! i absolutley adore the detail!!! ^_^

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what the hell is with the pink bracelet
you know it should be gray,dark blue, or white but hey its your pic

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this one of the best though he looks like he should be in TEKENor ruroni kenshin

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this pic seems to give me a snese of Evil from it...goo job on the background too. Overall, very nice! Tongue

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Good choice on switching to silver. Silver is much better than gold. And he is cute in fact whats scary is he looks almost exactly like my evil half demon char Ksher, lol tan skin white hair, silver eyes ((that change color at will)) lol. To bad i already have a pick of my lovable ((er not really loved by any but me)) demon. Kudos awesome pik.

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i like he style of his hair and the detials on the sleeve, very nice well done. (first comment yah)

Art at its best.